Why Meditation For Healing Works

The main reason meditation for healing can work for you is that it's a tool for helping you slip past the endless, day-to-day chatter your conscious mind indulges in and which gets in the way of healing energy. Once you can get into the space between your thoughts you will be able to find the pure healing energy of the Universal Consciousness.

Just getting yourself into the relaxed state where you can tap into this energy is often all you need to assist with healing on every level. It works because the universal energy is intelligent. It knows where it needs to go and what it has to do to unblock channels and rebalance your energy system.

But this isn't the whole story - meditation for healing can help in another way.

Stress And Wellbeing

Most people are aware that stress isn't at all good for your general wellbeing. If you're stressed, you block the flow of energies in your body which can lead to stagnation, imbalance and could eventually bring on physical illness and disease.

An important way that stress can affect you is in the way you breathe. If you're stressed your breathing is likely to be shallow or uneven, or it's possible you may even hold your breath for a short time, although you might not be aware you're doing it.

So if you can become aware of your breath and train yourself to breathe deeply and smoothly you'll send the right message to your body. You'll be consciously telling it to relax.

The Mind Body Connection

Meditation for healing is a simple and effective way to achieve this mind-body connection, and it doesn't entail having to sit in an uncomfortable yoga position. All you need to do is relax and focus on your breathing. Your breathing is the 'connection' between your mind and your body. Your mind controls your breathing, and your breathing determines your level of physical relaxation, so in this way you can establish a feedback loop.

Many studies have come to the conclusion that meditation for healing can, amongst other things, improve your life expectancy, retard the aging process, help boost your immune system as well as lower your blood pressure. Its benefits offer real proof that your consciousness can affect and improve your physical, mental and emotional health.

Meditation for healing, put simply, it's one of the simplest and most effective ways you can promote wellbeing in every area of your life.

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