Why Meditate? The Science Behind Meditation

Meditation can have many positive benefits. Numerous scientific studies have shown that over time meditation can make you more compassionate, lower blood pressure, make you calmer, and have a longer attention span. Meditation is great for all age groups and lifestyles. If you feel stressed, depressed, confused, too many running thoughts, or find yourself unable to connect to people or awkward in social situations meditation could be perfect for anything. Meditation is one thing that truly improves nearly every aspect of your life. Meditation can change your perspective on your life, leaving you feeling more powerful, more confident, more aware of your surroundings, and better at communicating. The same alpha brain waves that get activated in sleep can be even more powerfully activated in Meditation. Alpha brain waves are what allow you to visually imagine things, and this can deeply help with your creativity. Alpha brain waves are crucial to every kind of creativity for the individual.

If you're having trouble with stress for any reason, person relationships, professional relationships, or otherwise, meditation will help you better handle the stress involved in these activities. If you find yourself constantly tired and unable to focus, meditation can actually do wonders to help you stay awake. It might not seem like it, but meditation will also improve your sleep. These are all good reasons why somebody would want to meditate.

If you feel intimidated by the prospect of meditating alone, you can always join a group. Or perhaps you find it a hard habit to keep. Going to a regular Buddhist service or meditation class can help with this. Usually in most kinds of yoga classes there is some time when the participants meditate. If you are bothered by the silence you can also listen to music while you meditate. Just make sure it's soft and unobtrusive. There is also guided meditation CDs you can purchase to help with this. Meditating in a group can be a whole different experience than by yourself, so you should definitely try both.

When it comes to getting into a regular habit of meditation, try just twenty minutes a couple times a week. It's good to slowly work your way up until you are doing up to one hour a day for maximum results. Meditation is a lot like exercise that way, where you are gently pushing yourself to do it more. In fact it can be very physical, especially if you try to sit in full lotus position, so it's advised that you stretch before and after if you can!

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