What Is Mind? A Concept, a Function, a Fairy Tale?

What is mind? You and the experts can give numerous definitions. However the fact is, it is just a simple mechanical function. A second fact is, its over use causes all and any confusion you have about life.

The body is continually responding to stimuli. Thought or mind is actually a small part of that physical stimulus - response. In fact the point at which all living experiences, their significance or meaning become confused is: when all that has occurred and effected you up to a point, forms into a bias thought description of itself, (your stories) and becomes your tainted view of your life now.

When language or complex thought (the activity called mind) is used to describe the living sensate experience, translating it in terms of human values or preferences, a disconnectedness of the living body from its surroundings and itself, into speculations, theories or thoughts about life, occurs.

Due to this destruction of the sensitivity of the living organism, the living experience itself is numbed or destroyed. Then unable to sense life, we substitute sensate knowing with the disconnected process of thinking about life; confusion sets in and questions about ourself and living (which otherwise simply do not occur) arise.

To have such questions we must already be cut off from the living experience, existing in the fog of thoughts about life - (theorizing), stumbling in search or fabrication of, so called answers.

This ignorance is the basis and nature of all philosophies, superstitions and the perpetual question answer process, all which perpetuate our ignorance. In that self deluding circle, we are stuck.

Only when the sensitivity of the body is operational in you will what I am saying here mean anything.

When sensitivity has been numbed or destroyed in any area of your body or your life, this is due to bad treatment or learned beliefs or unnatural behaviours. The instinctual understanding you are born with, required for natural response in that area of life, is lost to you. The substitute for this damage to natural instinct, is the continual internal chatter of ideas on living. That then is all that is known to you. In this shallow state you have no clue, no means, no way by which to feel connected and appreciate body sensitivity as an essential for living understanding and comfortable intimacy.

Real meditation

As these are the effects living our life can have on us, it is essential to be able to recover from all this on an ongoing bases. That we are effected and have a need to recover is the same for all of us. Our recovery occurs in the simplest and most natural way through an act lost to most humans.

Sitting still can be the most minimal act, when released from any idea or purpose. When it is just the body - the pulsating living flesh sitting there, it is taking care of itself, reducing internal activity to the bare minimum, to what is required to survive now.

This simple act is lost to humans. Inside, you struggle against how it feels or what it is to be you. This resistance makes you disconnected from and insensitive to that which you resist and therefore you cannot repair from its (life's) effects.

Left alone by your thinking, you - the body, automatically release the deepest effects that living your life has had on you and long overdue repair can occur.

To leave yourself alone, allowing what needs to happen, happen, means, not to act on any thought reactions, or urges to resist, nor alter the sensations or activity going on within you.

From this simple act you will not only recover from the ongoing effects of your life, you will also come to understand something else - also essential for a sane healthy life - the origin and nature of thought in your system.

The origin of thought

The origin of thought, which is memory, is sensation or feeling in the body. You live with disturbances within you. You find things outside you in your life today, or perhaps inside you in your memories of the past, to explain your disturbance.

Then your disturbance continues and even increases in reaction to what you 'think' is the cause. Your disturbance is an undeniable fact, isn't it! For you can't not feel it when it is there inside you. What you think is causing it may not be what is. You change your surroundings and circumstances but inside, you feel the same. Vaguely you may recall or sense feeling this way for most of your life.

The origin of thought and action is the sensation or feeling 'of you' inside. The original thought - memory, which is the recording of the original event attached to this feeling in you, is held within, as a part of this feeling of you.

Healing the disturbances within

If you just stay with this feeling, without connecting it, to anything outside of your skin or in your life today, if you don't connect it to anything, the feeling will continue inside as it actually is. Chances are you will try to 'feel better' and therefore distract from it. But if you do not distract from it or avoid it, eventually the event held within it, which is in the form of feeling or sensation, will gradually or explosively form into descriptive thoughts or memories. These are the original and actual events that started you feeling the way it has (since then) felt to be you. At this point you will be confronted with the truth of being you.

Don't avoid it, or try to feel better. Don't deny it, believe it or disbelieve it. Don't do anything with it. Just let it do it's own thing, exposing itself in its own time from within how it feels to be you.

You live with disturbance within due to what is suppressed and hidden by your avoidance and denial. That disturbance colours your experience of yourself and your life now, preventing you from being all you can be.

You are disturbed for a reason. Reasons you may be afraid to know. Yet even the fear you take for granted. You go on, avoiding it's presence, never noticing, always running from the feeling of you. Don't do that for any longer, for if you don't stop running you will never know what it is to be you, to be a fully alive whole person.

Do not ignore or underestimate the felt sense of being you, and you will discover there is a sense of yourself motivating every thought and every act in your life. If you live, always including that, (which is where you are coming from) you will begin to discover how the many thoughts and actions each day, making up your entire life, are a movement away from how it feels to be you, always running from, escaping what it is and feels like to be you. From this it is clear why you aren't healing and moving on. So now you know you must not avoid any longer.

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