What Is Meditation And The Benefits Of It?

What is meditation and awareness?

First of all I want to tell you what the meditation is not.

I heard many people saying the meditation is a voodoo thing or some yoga thing. Let's face that most of us do not believe the meditation can change our life.

Few years ago people thought the meditation is the secret behind the secret societies.

If you asked someone what the meditation is probably you get answers such as I do not know or I am not capable of doing meditation.

The meditation can bring awareness of our inner circle. The meditation brings us the awareness of our secret manifestation center - the subconscious mind.

So, what is meditation and how it works?

Five years ago I have been to a manifestation and meditation course. During the third day I have learned how the meditation works.

First of all the meditation is not some theoretical thing. It is practice. The manifestation course leader ask us to imagine what we feel when we think of our achievement in life?

He asked us to close the eyes and imagine being the achievements.

What do we feel?

Are we satisfied? Do we feel anger? Do we feel guilty?

And then ask us to be the feelings we have. He asked us to be with the feelings and observe us?

What are our sensations?

Doing this meditation I realized the barrier which stays between me and the manifestation.

How can I generate and manifest anything I ant if I am blaming my self for the small achievements I had?

How can I be successful if I do not acknowledge my self?

If you do not like your self you can not pretend to universe to like you, because this is what you send to the universe. And it is responding to your thoughts and feelings.

What is meditation and the benefits of it?

The meditation clarifies the mind. It clarifies the way you create thoughts and feelings.

The secret behind the meditation is the self knowing. The meditation can help you to connect with your subconscious mind. You are aware of any creation of your mind. You are aware and present to the universal laws.

Once you know the secret of meditation you know how to apply the law of attraction in order to know how to manifest anything you want.

The meditation is the connection with the spiritual being within you.

So, what is meditation?

It is the walking through the universe with the spiritual mind.

The super manifestor course is giving you the tools you need to be aware and present at your subconscious and makes the meditation to work for you.

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