What Is Karma? Part 1

What's Karma got to do with me?

If you look at some of the recent developments in the world at the moment you might feel yourself getting saddened and feeling a little bit bleak. There's disruption to our economies and a lot of people struggling to make ends meet; you might be feeling that as well. You will find some ideas here about the laws of Karma and I think you will see straight away how changes in our thinking can be made, and how things can actually be made to be a lot different.

There are also several current examples in France, Holland, and Norway of extreme nationalistic views gaining popularity. In an economic downturn it is always popular to look for a group of 'different' people to blame. I'm not an historian but, come on, we've been here before right?

A reminder of Karma can help balance this dualistic view of the world, one in which we are at odds with each other and have everyone else to blame for our position or predicament.

Karma Law 1 - The Law of Cause and Effect

Karma tells us that whatever we put out in the Universe is what comes back to us. If what we put out is intolerance, hatred, mistrust, and blame then what we get back will be same. But it's not like it will come bouncing straight back from the same group - we hate them, they hate us. No. It can come back to you from anywhere - your kids, your own friends, your partner.

You get back what you send out, so send out what you want to receive.

Karma Law 2 - The Law of Creation

Life isn't something that happens to us as we stand by, life unfolds with our active participation; this is also true even if our participation is standing there doing nothing. According to Karma, we are the universe, inside and out (yeah!) so what you get surrounding you is exactly the same as what is inside you. You create your days from within, they don't just happen without your involvement.


Karma Law 3 -The Law of Humility

When you refuse to accept something, Karma tells us, you will continue to get more of that thing. It's like being in denial or as some people succinctly phrase 'what you resist persists'.

If we continually judge others and make enemies of the world then we are living without humility or respect. And, you know, I see so many aggressive people demanding to be respected, yet without their humility first all they will see is the exact opposite.

Bad Karma in other words.

Karma Law 4 - The Law of Growth

'Be the change you want to see in the world.' - Gandhi.

According to Karma, to grow in spirit and consciousness we have to firstly change ourselves and not struggle to change the people, places or things around us. We only have control over ourselves and so living skilfully means making the changes there and then seeing our live change for the better as a result.

Taking responsibility for your own life is a positive and skilful step to take and one that, according to Karma, fits in with the universal laws. You will gain a control of your life by doing this and with control comes freedom. I think that's is what a majority of people are searching for these days.

Parts 2 and 3 to follow...

Craig Coggle a musician, meditation teacher, and writer. If you want more awesome tools for skilful living then take a look at my blog at http://21stcenturymonk.net

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