What If You Could Find a Meditation Retreat That Would Change Your Life?

There are several different types of meditation retreats. There is the usual sort of meditation retreat, which is a quiet place, like a monastery or secluded quiet place, where a person can 'retreat' to for a bit of peace, quietness and reflection. This type of meditation retreat is usually associated with' or affiliated to' some kind of belief system.

There are many Buddhist meditation retreats around the world, and these are usually quiet, out of the way places, where the meditator can enjoy the tranquility of meditation, along with some Buddhist teachings.

The other common type of meditation retreat is the yoga meditation retreat. Again, this is usually a quiet location, where the meditator can enjoy the benefits of meditation, along with the practice of different yoga techniques.

But, let me ask you a question. Why would anyone want to go to a meditation retreat? When I ask this question to people, the answers are few, and almost always the similar. Invariably, they want somewhere to go for a bit of peace and quiet. Somewhere away from the world, where they can escape to. Away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Sounds fair enough to me.

But I have another question. What is the biggest cause of stress and anxiety in your life? You could say your work, or your partner, or your loneliness, or your financial situation, the list could go on and on. But I would suggest that the biggest cause of stress, anxiety and despair in your life is the nature of your mind.

You see, by practicing simple meditation techniques, you can observe for yourself that your mind is continually moving. No matter how much you try and still it, it never quite shuts up.

This is why meditation retreats and yoga meditation retreats are so popular, they teach you meditation techniques and yoga techniques that will help you to reduce the chatter of your mind, and so give you some form of respite from your mind.

So, how can your experience of a meditation retreat be enhanced? My suggestion would be to avoid anything that involves a belief system, as any belief, by definition, is not provable, thus causing a deep uncertainty or insecurity, which in turn causes anxiety.

The second bit of advice about meditation retreats is this. What kind of meditation techniques do they teach or offer? If they allow you to do your own thing, then fair enough. But many meditation retreats expect the meditator to attend some form of social gathering, which usually involves you partaking in some form of ceremony. If that is your thing, then that's fine.

However, our lives are full of assumptions, expectations, ceremonies and traditions that actually are a source of anxiety. For example, many people are invited to thank a 'God' for the blessings they have received. If the good fortunes of life have been bestowed on you by this God, then after thanking him/her for your blessings, how about asking this God to explain the pain, suffering, misery and despair that makes up the existence of billions of lives. And tell him/her that you want to know the answer now, not after death or in some future incarnation.

When you think of the position that a human being is in, that they are acutely aware of their own mortality, and their own vulnerability, that they are being shafted and being fed a heap of lies by politicians and religious leaders alike, on a daily basis, then it is no wonder that the mind won't calm down.

I have run several meditation retreats in the past. They usually involve the meditator meditating for approximately 8 hours per day, for 7 days, on the light and sound that is given at Initiation. Sounds difficult? It is. But it can be the most profound and beautiful thing that you could ever do in your life.

The purpose is to allow your sense of self to let go completely out of the mind. As far as I am aware, these are the only meditation retreats that enable you to do this.

If you would be interested in learning more about a meditation retreat that will take you deeper than you ever thought possible, then I encourage you to contact me through my website, and I will be here for you when you are ready for that step in your life.

Francis Taylor has been teaching meditation all over the world. He believes that it is possible to find the light in this lifetime rather than only when you pass on.

Finding the light will allow you to live a more joyful life. Through meditation and being initiated you will expand and grow to to new heights that you never dreamed possible.

It all starts with letting go, being still and observing. You can experience Francis Taylor's enjoyable guided mediation is absolutely free of charge by visiting http://www.MeditationClassAtHome.com.

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