Using Guided Imagery Meditation To Get Inside Information From A Master

Have you ever thought about how new information comes into to the world? Where exactly does it come from? If your friend tells you a tip she learned about how to keep a relationship fresh, she may have heard it from someone else, who heard it from someone on TV, who read it in a book. Where did the author of the book get the information? Maybe they did some groundwork and experimented in their own life, tried different things, and drew conclusions.

But not everything comes from legwork. Some information and ideas just... come. If you've ever seen a chart of the acupuncture meridians on the body with it's hundreds of points, you know there's no way someone experimented by sticking needles in their friend (or even their enemy) to find them all. Where do the musical ideas come from for a great symphony? Or a new theory in quantum physics? Some ideas just come.

Information and ideas are part of a living network of intelligence that's all around us. We're part of that network, and we all have a chance to tap in and use it. Who's going to gain access to a new idea first? Probably the one who's most motivated to receive it, the one who's most actively looking for it.

When you're motivated to find answers to questions in your life -- questions that would help you feel better, do better, or get out of trouble faster -- it's certainly a good idea to consult with an expert. But even the best expert won't know for certain what's best for your unique situation. The person most qualified to provide answers for you, is you. How do you get answers when you don't have answers? Inquire within, and tap into that vast network of living intelligence that you're part of.

Guided imagery and meditation can help you do just that. One way is to do a meditation where you can consult with a master on the subject you're most interested in. Is the master real or imaginary? It probably doesn't matter, because the master is a stand in to help you open up and tap into that network of intelligence. Remember, it's there and available for everyone. All you need is a way to open into it. A great guided meditation can set you up with the kind of "inner master" who can help you tap into just the information you need.

Max Highstein has been helping people with guided imagery and meditation for over 25 years. One of his programs especially, called Meet Your Guide, can help you access the information you need. To learn more, visit The Healing Waterfall to listen and download guided meditations.

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