Tips On How to Meditate Properly

During earlier times Buddhist monks practiced almost constant meditation as they believed that it would help transcend their well-being and reach the state of Nirvana (the highest state of calmness or happiness). This practice continues to exist until this time. Meditation is actually a good form of relaxation because not only will it relax your physical body but also will it help you relieve the tension accumulated from a stressful day. So let us begin the steps on how to meditate properly.

First, you may adopt the atypical posture of someone who meditates. The posture is important in meditation because it provides stability and steepness to the flow of energy. Position yourself comfortably in such a way that you will not feel any pain or aches as this might disturb the meditation process. It is best to cross your legs and interlock your fingers to promote continuity of energy flow. You can meditate anywhere you feel comfortable (on the floor or on a chair) just must make sure that you feel secure and safe in that place.

Second, close your eyes during meditation. Whilst some experienced meditators keep then open and focus on an object but for beginners it is normally best to close them to prevent different thoughts from entering. The eyes are considered as the windows or entrance to the mind. The mind contains a lot of thoughts as it is considered as the creator and container so when one tries to meditate it should be cleared and emptied.

Third, relax yourself by starting to lighten the muscles of your forehead then your eyebrows, your cheeks, your mouth, your jaw and your entire face and head. Then continue relaxing your muscles on your shoulders, your arms, feel your back lighten, release the tension felt by your thighs and legs then let the aches and pains flow out. Remember not to allow inner chattering or chanting of mantras as this will lead to formation of thoughts. Your goal is to block thoughts from forming. This step may be difficult especially for beginners but as you constantly meditate you will observe that it will become easier.

Now the fourth step is important especially when thoughts start to come in. All you have to consider is, "focus on your breathing". This will divert your attention and block incoming thoughts. Breathe in and breathe out, do not control your breathing instead just observe it. Let the normal process of inhalation and exhalation occur. Observation is the key nature of the mind so just focus and observe your breathing.

Then as you progress thoughts will eventually diminish and breathing will become thinner and shorter leading to the fifth step. As soon as breathing becomes the smallest it will send a flash in between your eyebrows which will signify a meditated state. During this state you will have no thought and no breathing and it is during this state that the cosmic energy flows into your energy body. The more often you meditate the more abundant cosmic energy flows into you.

After meditation you would feel a lot lighter and relaxed as your mind had been released from thoughts and emotions causing you tension and stress. So never deprive yourself of proper meditation because a healthy body starts from a healthy mind.

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