There Is Nothing to Attain

One preconception people have regarding meditation is the stilling of the mind. The mind can never be still, for its very substance is the movement of thought. If this movement stills, it ceases to exist. Thought, the mind, soul or whatever you want to call it only exists whilst there is this movement of thought, and thought itself is nothing but an image.

To believe you are "the mind" this never-ending movement of memory (what you have known), is to reduce the sense of you to nothing but an image. Thereby you are restricted by the views held in the image you have of yourself. This severely limits your ability to respond to life.

So what is beyond this imagined sense of self to fall back on? - Something that actually exists! A living organism, perfectly capable of responding to all of life's demands.

The natural and extraordinary intelligence of the biological organism is all that is necessary for sane and satisfying living, but we are constantly interfering with its natural function through the medium of thought.

Your natural bodily intelligence, which is the ability to respond to anything in life, is already inherent. You don't have to do anything. Due to the idea of "the mind," the human being is a long way from this primal state, yet this primal state is here, it cannot be attained as it is what you already are.

Once you understand there is nothing to attain, nothing to improve upon, then the interference through the medium of thought ends. The living organism then directly aware of itself, you can get on with living your life exactly as it is, exactly are you are, day by day.

Psychological disturbance is resolved through feeling the distress behind it

Any emphasis placed on memories - experiences of the past for psychological resolution is a mistake. The actual feeling within the body is the only feeling there is.

It is your discomfort with this, along with the belief that the past has something to offer in ending your discomfort that drives your search for resolution beyond your present feeling. This search is an everlasting deterrent.

There is also a belief that ignoring or stopping the flow of memories is suppression. Therefore you often make the mistake of entertaining the activity of memories that flow on and on, as your thinking. If you do not concern yourself with the details of this flow of memory and alternatively take an interest in feeling the discomfort, drive or whatever feelings are stirred in the body, that felt disturbance, (which actually drives mental disturbance) will release and burn out. Then without that felt disturbance, the mental activity disturbing you will come to an end. It is in fact your incessant thinking - seeking resolution - that keeps you distracted from the feeling in the body, which if you feel it, you will have your resolution to end your mental distress. Simply put, feel your state of distress, do not analyze your thoughts about it. Just try it for yourself.

There is no 'who' only 'what'

When you see the massive movement of thought going on, you see there is nothing you can do about it, whatever 'you do' in the sense of thinking about it only adds to the thought movement. Seeing there is nothing you can do, you leave it alone totally, find yourself in the feeling in the body, and naturally thinking slows down and falls into its natural pattern, a purely mechanical function, a minor part in the living human organism.

Problems occur when you go on thinking irrespective of any outside demand for thought. Such thinking is energized by the repetitive drive inherent in thought itself, striving for its own continuance as who we 'think' ourselves to be.

But there is no 'who', only what. 'Who' is there? Just a jumble of memories, of knowledge that goes on describing, analyzing, thinking about yourself over and over again, maintaining a veil of perception, a bias or pretend view of life that is disconnected from current reality. Without this jumble of memories and inherited views there is no 'who' with all its objections to itself and life as it is. So 'what' is there? The organism naturally, inherently capable of perfect response in any circumstance.

Then thinking functions correctly, occurring only in response to the circumstances at hand, receding into the background when outside demand is not immediate. The living organism (the body) goes on experiencing itself. That is all there is to our life. If you discover for yourself that this is enough, you will also discover that actually there is no more.

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