The Story of All Creation

Going within is like taking a step into the underground, that black and fertile place that sustains and supports your life. You see, when you turn within, you will find thoughts, ideas, sensations, dreams, feelings, moods, and most of all, images being born in you, being created in you, moment after moment. It is a fountain, a spring of life. Though it feels personal, it is indeed a force of Life.

If you were to build a relationship with this fountain, you would come to discover, that these inner experiences are not yours, they belong to everyone. They are not individual but collective. They are not just personal but transpersonal. That inner fountain, though at the surface feels like your life, is in fact a beautiful thread in the tapestry of all existence. It is a sacred sentence in the story of all Creation.

To do this, to enter into the River of Creation. You can do this with writing.

For example, with writing, there may not be too many words that rise to the surface of the mind at first. Yet you move your hand anyway, even if you're writing "I don't know what to write now." Slowly, what appears may be the stories you've created about the days events or the worries you have about your vacation next week, or your true feelings about the conversation you had with a good friend. You write out the unspoken thoughts and feelings about the happenings of your unique life.

As you continue to let your attention rest on the inner world and give it expression, the energy inside starts to build. Your hand starts to swing from one end of the page to the other. More and more thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, dream snippets, and bodily sensations enter your field of consciousness. You write it all out and meanwhile the energy increases. Soon, there is a fountain of activity inside and your hand can barely keep up with the fire within. The vitality that's there is not so much about your reactions to everyday life. Instead, it is an expansive sensation, an energy and intelligence offering you creative ideas, innovation solutions, and feelings of connection, ease, and timelessness. This is the creative flow.

You can do this with any creative medium - writing, painting, dancing, sculpting. The creative medium doesn't matter. When you pick up your creative accoutrements - a sculpting tool, a paintbrush, a pen - you have the opportunity to expand our unique viewpoint, to link it up with the cosmos, and become the greatness that is you.

Begin a practice of Creativity and come to know your expansion, not your limitation, as who you are. Visit and register for the next Creation Meditation course on the Events page.

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