The Secret to Achieving a "Summertime" State of Mind

We might not all be able to afford a splashy, sunny summer holiday of fun, but it does not mean that we cannot escape for a few minutes of the day to a summertime state of mind. "What's that?" you may ask - Well, it is how we feel during the 2 weeks of the year that we wait for, during the other 50 weeks of the year!

Doesn't that sound strange - we keep our heads down and work for 50 weeks, dreaming of 2 weeks in the sun. "It will be all worth it just for that", we say, and drag ourselves into work, searching the Internet during lunchtime looking for destinations that we can go to, so that we keep ourselves going during our daily activities. When it's over, we can't believe how quick it went. And then the year starts again.

I must admit that I find living this way quite upsetting. I used to do it myself, but then I met an amazing man who taught me that we are living in the day-to-day, not in the expectation of a change in circumstances (such as a sunny holiday). He said if the day-to-day makes you unhappy, then you need to change it. I agreed with him, and I did have to make some changes to both my mindset and my life to bring in firstly acceptable levels of peace and calm, and now, I'm able to bring in a sense of beauty and joy as well. For me today, life is about being in the now, in the present moment, because I can bear to be here. This takes a lot of work, and is no easy task, but it is possible. I've learned how to access a "summertime" state of mind, anytime I want to - and I'll share the secret of how to do this right here with you.

Getting into the Zone

To do this, firstly you have to understand that the "summertime" state of mind is actually an energetic state. Happiness, peace, calmness, all have their own vibration, as does anxiety, depression and anger. We feel so many things we may not be aware of this. This meditation is a chance for you to consciously choose the energy that you want to access. It's like hunting - first you track it down, then once you start to feel it you lock into it, and then you draw it in.

Take a moment before you begin to try to lock into that energy, to get a taste or flavour for what it might feel like in your body. To do this you can project your mind back to the best holiday experience you ever had - What were you wearing? What country was it? How hot was it? Do you remember what it smelled like? What type of food were you eating? How did your body feel? Remember the joy in your heart, the lightness in your eyes and the happiness welling up inside you when you were thinking "wow, I've got another whole week before I go home!"

The Meditation.

Give yourself a quiet space to work, where you will not be interrupted. As you practice this, locking into the energy will become easier and preparing for the exercise will not take as much time. You can play some music in the background if you feel this will help you relax, but choose carefully as music can actually interfere with this process, as music has an energy too, and can trigger an emotional response in your body.

Sit in a comfortable chair and bring your attention into your body. Breathe and feel the chair beneath you, the ground beneath your feet. Breathe and feel the weight of your body sinking into your chair, and as you breathe imagine you are breathing in a golden, cleansing light that will relax and massage your body.

Open up your body to the light and as you breathe it in, imagine that it is softening your tired muscles, easing away aches and pains. Allow your body to relax and let the light into it. Bring attention to the top of your head, and work your way down slowly, letting the light seep into every pore. Bring the light into your mind, your brain, behind and around your eyes, your cheeks your tongue and your jaws, relaxing and opening your body more to the light each time, and sending anxiety down through your body and out through your feet.

As you work your way down your body, allow the light to dissolve away any energies that are holding you back from your dreams, your goals, allow the light to wash away the stress and strain of life from your shoulders, your arms, your chest. Stay as long as you need to on each part of your body to really allow it to open and relax to the light. Move down to your stomach, your hips, your legs and your feet, working your way down inch by inch, release, release, release.

Now you are ready to open to the "summertime" state of mind. You have already targeted the energy you want, the energy of joy and lightness that you feel on a summer holiday. Open your heart and imagine that this energy comes into your body, through your heart. It starts to fill your heart with light, joy and love, and you open to it and allow it to fill you up, all the time releasing the fear, the resistance, the anxiety that you probably didn't even realise you carried. If you feel yourself getting lightheaded, bring your attention back to the ground and connect to it again strongly with your feet.

Now you have flooded your body with summertime energy, imagine that you are sitting in a big bubble of it, it wraps itself around you, around your back, your front, and it's moving in and out of your body, lifting your body's energy and raising your vibration. When you feel "full", stop breathing in the energies and just sit in it, let it flow around you. Allow it to bring you memories, pictures, images of your happiest summertime moments, travel with it and smell the sizzle of barbeque, hear the seagulls on the beach and the waves crashing on the beach. Notice how your body has changed, notice what you feel and perhaps ask yourself if there is anything that you can do to make it easier to access this beautiful energy more often. Sit and glow in this beautiful bubble of summertime energy, until you feel ready to return back to the room, to your body in the chair, and back to the here and now.

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