The Buddhist Monk Meditation

It has been known that meditation is great help to achieve a certain level of peace within one's self. How much more if you can meditate like a monk within a month? You might be a little bit of a sceptic about this, but read on. The following steps will prove that meditating like a Buddhist is not impossible. And even ordinary folks like us can do it.

For the first five days, you must develop a sense of awareness of your thoughts. It is natural to have full control of your thoughts, but you can begin by being aware of the dominant thoughts in your brain. You can do this by assuming a meditating position for fifteen to twenty minutes and focus on the thoughts crossing your mind. Do not try to do anything with your thoughts: do not drive them away, change or analyze them. Just let them be and focus on them. This is the first step that you should do. Just make sure that you are aware of the thoughts running through your mind.

For the following five days, you should be able to meditate in "hypnagogic state" or what is commonly known as the state between dreaming and sleeping. To do this, find a comfortable place to lie on. Make sure that you lie on your back and position your arms and the elbows so that it forms a 90 degree angle with your torso. When you begin to fall asleep, your arms fall and awaken you. Pay attention to your body as you are falling asleep. The goal here is to put yourself in this state at will. You must also be aware that you might find yourself in a state known as "sleep paralysis" which often comes with hallucinations. Do not worry, this is normal. There is nothing to be anxious about.

By the middle of the month, you must also learn thought maintenance. Remember, for the last few days, you were told not to do anything about your thoughts. Now you are encouraged to address them out loud. This can be a bit different from what you were doing for the past days. This is the next stage and it is going to be a new experience altogether. When you do this, you will find that thoughts begin to disappear. You will then be waiting for the next ones to be entertained.

Now that you are nearing the last five days of the month, you will also notice that thoughts become still in your mind yet you find peace with it. Just maintain this state and you will find more meditation benefits. You will then start to feel at peace and not feeling any kind of anxiety in your mind and in your emotions.

This is a whole month's guide that you have to follow to become effective in meditation like the Buddhist monks. Once you perfect them, make it a lifetime commitment. Allot at least fifteen minutes per day. This is going to benefit you. You will find more physical, emotional and spiritual benefits than your ordinary kind of meditation.

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