The Benefits of Meditation For Health and Spirit

Have you ever:

Gazed at the sky at night and wondered at the vastness?

Sat on the banks of a river, conscious of its flow, and felt a stillness come over you?

If you have then you have already meditated in a sense. Meditation is the practice of experiencing this very thing. It is a wide open embrace of good moods, emotions and the current of your being.


There are many different techniques to choose from. The best way for you would be to use the same method you would use for shopping. Compare the techniques. Ask questions. See which one fits into your schedule. Which one just feels right.

Don't let yourself get bored. If you find yourself getting bored check out the possibility of trying another technique.

Most of all trust yourself. You will know which technique is right for you


Briefly, to some meditation is a naturally occurring rest state. Your body already knows how to meditate. The body has an ability to shift into a rest stare to heal, energize, integrate, and tune itself up. When you meditate you are resting more deeply then you do in sleep.

Anything simple and repetitive.

Meditation heightens awareness of everyday life.


History shows us that mediation is along standing tradition in Japan, China and India. Mediation is universal, it appears in cultures all over the world. It has been in existence for at least 4,000 years. The earliest recorded mention of meditation was in 3,000 BC in the Indus Valley. Needless to say, meditation has been around a very long time.


Meditation can help you fulfill your everyday needs. It raises your mental, emotional and physical energies. It also helps you discover who you are. People meditate to relieve stress, relax, get rid of pain, either physical or emotional. It helps relief headaches and migraines. Decreases panic attacks, reduces blood lactate. Increases serotonin. This controls your mood and behavior. This helps overcome depression, helps you to stop weight gain. Improves your immune system. Kills cancer cells and other viruses, improves self0esteem, motivation and relationships. Help you have a better concentration. This is just a few of the benefits of meditation.

If you meditate daily you will see changes in your life for the better.


Most times you should start off slowly and work up to what feels right to you. 10 or 15 minutes should be long enough to start off as long as you feel comfortable.


When you meditate successfully you take distance from things such as people, circumstances and emotions. This distance gives you a better view of life and yourself.

While the body is relaxed it releases waste, which cleanses it. This is why meditation keeps you looking younger. You will also stop having extreme reactions to good and bad experiences.

Here are a few other things that may happen:

By focusing on your breathing you may feel your body move as you breath.

Sometimes very little happens, or other times thoughts, emotions, even visual representations may surface.

You may have a greater sense of calm.

Your life will become easier, more stress free.

You will have better compassion and understanding of other people. You will feel less angry at them.

You will understand problems quicker.

I am sure there are many other things that will happen. Each person is affected differently and you may have a reaction that someone else will not have.


The idea of meditation is that it is an exercise which teaches you to accept things as they are. The more you practice the more accepting you will become.

It is a way to get better at what you are practicing. The more accepting of how your meditation is going will carry over to your life. Which in turn helps you to become more accepting of things in your life. The goal of meditation is all about self-realization. Some material benefits would be better health and concentration. Meditaion gives you a better understanding of yourself.

Before I finish this article I would like to tell you a few of the other benefits you will get from mediation.


There is evidence and studies that show conclusively that meditation has an effect on reducing negative mental disturbances, such as anger, depression, panic attacks anxiety and stress.

An increase in happiness.

Your concentration is improved.

Blood pressure is lowered.

Less risk of heart attack and stroke.

Blood system is purified.

Slows the process of ageing.

Increases your energy.


You become aware that you are the soul and not the body. Which lessens the effects of temperature, pain and discomfort of the body.

You are happier and more fulfilled.

Spiritual facilities improve, wisdom, concentration, will power and intution.

In conclusion: Whether you decide to use meditation for health reasons or spiritual reasons is up to you and what you need in your life personally. Meditation is a great stress reliever for those times when things get tough. No matter your choice you will benefit greatly from meditation.

Why live another minute without the benefits meditation will bring to you?

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