The Beginners Guide To The Art Art Of Meditation

How to Meditate for Beginners

If you want to transform your life using a skill to enhance the deep true understanding of self and develop your true inner potential - Then look no further than the art of self meditation.

To begin to develop this art secure a quiet place, somewhere where you cannot be disturb, you can begin your session with five minutes and stretch the time while you develop the art.

Sit in a comfortable position, a natural way is to sit with your back erected and legs crossed. Or a chair might be more suited both legs touching the ground.

Maintaining that natural curve to the spine that's shaped like an "S" supports ones natural weight, this is rather important to any mediator; that's because breathing as an effect on meditation, and the link is between breathe and mind.

Your state of mind will be more alert and the breath that flows from the lungs will flow with ease, with a lightness that you will hardly notice.

Slouching gives a "C" shape this places pressures on the Spine and the lower back, which eventually brings on pain.

If you already have back problems then kneeling might be beneficial in this case, supporting with cushions are necessary..

There are various types of meditation one can apply - you can apply the technique with the eyes open or closed.
The open earth eye meditation applied in the dark is much more powerful, and is mostly used by more advanced mediators.

The closed eye meditation is more easily applied and the technique is used worldwide.

Close Eye meditation

Slowly and softly close the earth eyes, and then begin to take slow passionate deep breaths - inhaling slowing through the nose and exhaling calmly through the mouth.

This intake will be shallow to begin with but as you persevere your breathing will be more full, deeper and fuller as your lungs begins to tunnel into the direction you require.

It is of utter importance that this procedure of breathing comes naturally, so you will reap the correct benefits...

You will begin to feel more relaxed as the breath continues in its natural rhythm a calmness penetrates your being as you focus on the sound, the sound of the breath, feel the rhythm as you inhale, then exhale slowly, focus on what you hear the sound of the natural rhythm - (breath in hold) (breath out release) in hold, out release, never stray keep with timing of that natural sound.

What you are actually doing is expelling the air you push out, leaving room for the new air to enter in.

Practice this method until you master the art - while I go and write part two for you to continue,

Love and blessing to all, peace.

facing the impact of a terrible illness the miraculous encounters that followed became a part of my life after a near death experience. The main being while I sleep I not only write in various languages, unbeknown to my self, but also speak in various languages. and see auras and channel messages from the unseen.

The miraculous encounters are beyond the existence of earth; our lives on earth are a spec to our true understanding.

The various encounters shows that within and beyond the earth of human's lives. time knowledge and wisdom waits for no one to accomplish all that exists, and will redeem to all who wants to know. Read more on the wisdom carries on.

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