Spiritual Meditation – A Closer Look

If you are new to meditation, or if you have been meditating all your life, I am encouraging you right now to really question the exact meaning of words, especially when you are talking about meditation. The reason for this will become obvious when you see what the words 'spiritual meditation' means to different people.

Some people believe that all meditation is a 'spiritual experience'. Others believe that Spiritual Meditation is a practice that involves meditating on a deity, or statue or some other icon. Still others believe that meditating on a technique that creates some out of the ordinary experience, is a spiritual meditation.

Spirit, if it exists at all, needs defining. Spirit is general considered to be an aspect of a human being that is infinite, that goes on forever. Fair enough. So, something that is infinite, would by definition, have no edges. So if it has no edges, how would you ever be able to perceive it? You see, everything in your life, including your body, your emotions, your thoughts, all have edges, that is how you perceive or experience them. So it is impossible, to have a spiritual experience in the normal sense of the word.

Am I saying that spirit does not exist? Not at all. What I am saying is that if you are looking for answers to the deepest nature of yourself and life, then you will need a form of meditation that will take you beyond the limits of mind, body and emotions.

Most peoples experience of Spiritual Meditation involves them having, at most, an experience within the outer confines of their aura. This may include experiences of guides, angels and other entities. As these are not 'normal' experiences for most people, there is no common language for these experiences, so they are called 'spiritual'.

If you are a person who experiences guides, angels or other beings, I have something very important to say to you.

Consider this. Everything in creation has been created, which includes your guide, angel, etc. If you did not create yourself, and presumably, your guide or angel which is in a finer level of creation did not create itself, then both you and your angel or guide, are trapped.

You may think that your guide or angel is there to help you, (hence the term 'guide'), but the truth is completely 100% opposite. To discover complete freedom, to go beyond limits, you need a physical body to complete the journey, through every level of creation- and beyond.

Your guide or angel exists within your aura, otherwise, how else would you be able to perceive them? If you wish to be of the greatest service to your guide or angel, then it is up to you to take yourself, along with your guide/angel, through every level of creation and beyond. It is up to you to set yourself, and your guide or angel, free.

This can only be done by gaining access to the very cause of creation, which includes the cause of yourself and your guide. This access can be got through Spiritual Initiation, which begins with the opening of the third eye chakra. You will then have direct access to the cause of creation, this is known as spirit. By letting go into spirit, you will discover the greatest secret that can be known. It is then, as you let go into spirit, that you will truly enjoy spiritual meditation.

Spiritual Meditation is a journey home, for you and your angel or guide. This opening of the third eye is a permanent gateway into spirit, where you can meditate on the light and sound which actually creates the creation. As you let go, you will eventually become one with spirit. This a permanent state of BEING.

Francis Taylor has been teaching meditation all over the world. He believes that it is possible to find the light in this lifetime rather than only when you pass on.

Finding the light will allow you to live a more joyful life. Through meditation and being initiated you will expand and grow to to new heights that you never dreamed possible.

It all starts with letting go, being still and observing. You can experience Francis Taylor's enjoyable guided mediation is absolutely free of charge by visiting http://MeditationClassAtHome.com

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