Sit Breathe Love: A 28-Day Meditation Challenge (Apr 1–28)

yogd2015-SBLSit : Breathe : Love is a 28 Day Meditation Challenge with the aim of helping you to set up the habit of meditating daily.

In the 28 Day Challenge we’ll teach you how to find a comfortable meditation posture (“Sit”); we’ll teach you how to calm your mind and settle agitated emotions by practicing the mindfulness of breathing (“Breathe”); and we’ll teach you how to appreciate yourself and others more through the practice of lovingkindness (“Love”). Hence, Sit : Breathe : Love”.

It’s suitable for people of all levels of experience, including complete beginners.

The benefits of regular meditation have been demonstrated again and again in multiple studies. Meditating makes you happier, is good for your health, protects your brain from aging, boosts your intelligence, and helps reduce pain, stress, and depression.

But it’s not easy to set up a regular meditation practice.

So we’re here to help you!

The aims in the 28 Day Challenge is to work build up a daily habit of meditation by sitting every day for 28 days.

Here are just a few of the comments from the January Sit Breathe Love challenge that were posted in our Google+ community:


Thank you to Bodhipaksa and to all of you here. I feel positive pride and lots of gratitude for this challenge – the first one I’ve done and not missed a day. It’s also has an effect on the people around me.


I have had one of the hardest month’s of my life. I received a shock just before xmas and the repercussions are still affecting my life and that of those around me. I genuinely think that if I hadn’t been practising, then I would have pretty much gone to pieces. It’s not just the meditation but the sangha, too, has given me the support and place to come to enable me to cope. 


I have enjoyed going through this course, thank you. I’ve had a regular meditation practice for a while now, but the last 6 months of 2014 I found almost impossible to get myself on the cushion – a real tussle – I also tried just resting with it, but found not practicing too painful to leave it. Going back to basics in these guided practices has been most helpful – I am now eager to sit again!


This last month has been more joyous, more open, smiley and more calm (even with a 6-year-old and 21-month old!) I have never meditated much at all before, yet I managed every day; sometimes not for long, but I also learned that, hey, that’s ok! I want to thank you so much for this experience. Without wanting too sound cheesy, it has changed me!


I’m very grateful once again for this Sangha’s practice and the instructions of Bodhipaksa. My practice continues to deepen. I’ve gone from sporadic practice to daily sitting and now even multiple sits through the day. More importantly I am carrying out my practice into my daily life. This period of time has been very challenging; without the practice I may have just crumbled under the stress.

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