Simple Meditation Tips And Techniques

Like anything new, if you're just starting to meditate it can seem a bit daunting at first. There are all sorts of different meditation techniques available. Which one is the best to start with? Will it be easy for a beginner yet still suitable as you gain more experience with meditating? So many questions! Here are some simple meditation tips and techniques to help you to solve the puzzle for yourself.

Set aside some time

Whilst this may sound obvious, it's absolutely essential to schedule in some meditation time into your life.

If you need formal help with doing this then it may be best to enrol in a local class, then at least you've spent some money which should - in turn - encourage you to attend the classes.

If you've got a bit more discipline then a home study course will likely work fine for you.

You'll probably already know the best way to set aside time in your life so make sure you apply it to the meditation side of things as well.


Meditating isn't a "one size fits all" habit.

Some people like the formality of things such as focussing on a candle flame or chanting a mantra out loud over and over again. Other people prefer to use a breathing meditation, which can be one of the easiest techniques to start with. There are also plenty of guided meditations available to download.

Or you may prefer to take your conscious mind out of the equation and use a binaural beats meditation to shift your brainwave patterns to the correct level with near enough no effort on your part.

So don't be afraid to use trial and error to get the best meditation experience for you.

Get a quiet place

This is just as important as setting aside the time for your session.

A quiet place means somewhere you won't be disturbed (although if you're doing a walking meditation this isn't a requirement).

A "do not disturb" sign on your door could help if your friends and family are disruptive.

Turning off your cell phone is also useful as phones have that annoying habit of ringing just at the wrong moment, as though they have a built-in monitor just for that purpose.

Don't expect instant change

We're usually the last people to notice change in ourselves. And that applies to the changes that will be brought about by regular meditation just as much as any other area of our lives.

Don't expect to have one or two meditation sessions and be instantly transformed.

Apart from the worrying nature of that idea, it just isn't going to happen.

This is a process for the medium to long term. Not necessarily the lifetime of practice that a Zen monk commits to but definitely not a two week "just before the vacation" diet either.

The chances are that people you only meet occasionally will notice the difference quicker than you do. Because small, subtle, changes aren't the easiest things to spot.

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