Simple Meditation Techniques To Help You Fall Asleep

Many of us live such hectic lives that it is hard for us to relax. This is often particularly problematic when we want to go to sleep. We cannot seem to shut off our over active brain which keeps going over the events of the day or worse thinking about problems the next day might bring. It is obvious with this mindset that getting to sleep is often an issue.

Not only is meditation a great benefit to our general health but it can help us in many areas of our lives, one of them being falling asleep. Here are a few easy ways of meditating to help us relax in bed and fall asleep effortlessly.

Go to bed and lie on your back. Take a deep breath and when you release that breath consciously relax your body. Start relaxing your face, neck, shoulders, back, stomach, legs and feet. When you have taken five or ten breaths you should be quite relaxed. Then you can begin the counting technique or the guided visualization.

We have all heard of counting sheep. However it is best to count something backwards as that requires more concentration. Whilst you are lying in bed, start by looking upwards. This is easy to do if you are on your back and it's just focusing on one point for a very short time. Next take a deep breath and when you let it out, consciously relax your whole body. If you prefer to go into detail, simply relax your shoulders, your abdomen, your legs and your feet on your out breath. Do this a couple of times and it is good to tell yourself that you are relaxing deeper and deeper with every breath you take. Now to the counting part. If you love nature, imagine you are on a gentle hill and you need to get to the bottom where there is a lovely pond with trees where it is very peaceful. Now walk down that hill counting your steps. Start with say the number 20 at the top of the hill and count down to 0 when you are at the pond. Try to keep your breathing slow and count down slowly, imagining your steps downward each time. If 20 slow steps is not enough, then start with 50. It is important that you concentrate on the hill, the pond and your steps. If you are a person that finds nature more stressful than relaxing, then walk down some steps in your home or your place of work, for example.

Guided visualization is another meditation technique that you can use to help you fall asleep. There are also many guided meditation CDs and MP3s you can use. You can imagine your own scenario. The main component is that it should relax you. If you find the ocean relaxing you can imagine yourself in a boat and rowing, visualizing the oars going into the water and then perhaps the sun warming and relaxing your body. Maybe a duck or a pelican is swimming by. Another scenario could be simply blowing bubbles. Imagine yourself putting the stick in that jar and imagine blowing the bubble and then watching where it goes until it disappears. You can visualize the ethereal quality of the bubble and its colors and where the bubbles are going.

The important thing is to use these techniques to make you relax. If you don't like the countryside, then don't imagine being there and imagine a scenario that you enjoy and where you feel good and relaxed and not energized. Even if you love playing tennis, imagining this would probably make you feel full of energy and this is not what you need if you want to go to sleep.

Hopefully these meditation techniques will help you get that good night's sleep.

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