Self-Help Through Meditation – Recognizing How a Door Is a Symbol

Let's take a trip through your brain and as you do so begin to notice how a door can be symbol either of freedom or of bondage, depending upon your point of view. As you more than likely already realize some closed doors can be opened with the turn of a doorknob, even though others must be opened with a key, and then again some only require a push.

In a different sense, when a door appears closed, more than likely some action on your part is going to be necessary. Whether that action is putting faith in needing to turn the knob, good fortune and grace in your ability to unlock the door, or the wisdom and strength to push and open it.

More and more, starting today, you feel as if a door is a meaningful symbol, since it represents both leaving and entering. In fact, some doors lead you away from certain phases of your life that are now complete while others you enter lead to new and unknown paths.

Yet, in your mind now know that you can confidently open the door that is within you to discover all of the Love, Joy and Peace that is within you.

Indeed, with this in mind allows these words from the book of Revelation resonate within you even more...

"Look, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut." Revelation 3:8

And I want you to understand, just understand that the open door that no one is able to shut is within you and that through that door is all of the Love, Joy and Peace that you consciously or unconsciously are searching for.

It follows that when you begin to meditate on a daily basis you are actually walking through that open door that no one is able to shut so that you can experience all that is within you.

Let any fear fade away as you begin to understand that when you meditate on a daily basis it allows you to experience a greater sense of inner bliss and so much more.

Keep in mind, that the practice of Yoga Nidra which is a guided meditation technique is one of the most effective and simplest ways that you can experience that greater sense of inner bliss as you continue to walk through that open door of Love, Joy and Peace that is within you.

Thaddeus Ferguson has dedicated himself to the cause of helping people heal themselves first in order to help heal the world during this amazing time of transformation.

The practice of Meditation and/or Yoga Nidra is just one of the many powerful tools that you can use in order to help Heal You First.

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