Self-Healing Using Meditation

Studies conducted on terminally ill patients, show recoveries between those who have channeled their efforts to develop positive thinking and its potential healer. Of course this does not mean give up on treating the disease by orthodox methods. It only means that can clarify the clinical cure releasing negative conditioning and using positive affirmations and visualization to heal.

It is important to recognize that, often, the disease results in part to psychological factors, past or recent, that are causing an imbalance of energy in the vibrating body. When energy is blocked in the body, it creates dysfunction. Emotions, thought patterns and spiritual beliefs are so important to the health of the individual as the systems, tissues and organs. Health is an alignment or balance between the physical and energetic vibrations mental, emotional and spiritual.

The path of meditation attempts to ban the 'guilt', which is why it is important to fully accept - and enjoy - who you are. If you can stop judging and be strict with himself, will be less likely to blame or judge others. Self-acceptance is important in your practice of meditation, since confidence, energy and happiness - and therefore health - they happen when you accept your life and accept yourself, without shame or embarrassment. Allowing yourself to look inside, learn to listen to the inner truths that come from your heart, buying higher quality in their meditations.

Thinking is a form of energy, in which the emotions behind each thought vibrations that create an energy field projected by a certain mental construction can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thus, positive thinking can help you maintain good health. In fact, studies show that the natural defense mechanisms of the body are much stronger when we keep a positive attitude.

Emotions, attitudes and thoughts of balance, physical energy and undermine natural immunity, so the person becomes more exposed to viruses and bacteria.

Sit in a comfortable position and make the first few breaths, to focus on. Visualize that is inspiring intense white light for the crown of the head and it flows from the crown to the heart chakra. Feel the light to fill and expand your heart. As you exhale, release, knowingly, any tension, stress or pain. Try to feel intuitively any energy imbalance, there are any irregularities in their tissues and cells, then go for this white light in the body. Imagine your cells and tissues to be penetrated by the healing light. You can also imagine the cells to change shape and size, and then display them to reorganize and rebalance again. As you exhale, imagine all the toxins, dead cells and strain to be expelled from the body.

The heart chakra, directs the light through the whole body, starting with the left foot, rising to the ankle, then to the calf, etc... In a systematic way, fill your whole body with light, imagining that you are a being of light, full of energy, refreshed and healed. This can be done at any time and can take five minutes to an hour.

Meditation is a great way to listen to your body. Learning how to meditate properly can help you relax your body and start relieving stress. If you want to start meditating here you will find everything that you need, to learn how to meditate for beginners.

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