Research on Meditation

All meditation methods lead to the relaxation of your mind and body. As you progress in your meditation routine, you will be likely to dis-identify with your mind. The normal state of the mind is aware with your hopes and fears and has no rest. During your meditation, you will not take your mind antics seriously because your fretful self will calm down resulting to relaxation.

Meditation Through Transcendental Means

This is a very good way for relaxing and combating stress. This is an easy way of relaxation that involves chanting a mantra in your mind while doing the meditation. The time required for this kind of meditation is 1 to 20 minutes both in the morning and in the evening. This method is perfect for the present day worker with a busy lifestyle. You do not need to change religion, philosophy or lifestyle in practicing this meditation. Many people from different religious faith throughout the world practice this type of meditation. Benefits include stillness of mind, cure for stress and hypertension, dealing with addictions, and other benefits. Indian Parliament Lok Sabha has commended the practice of this Meditation for one's well-being. The President of Mozambique gave credit to it in 1990s for bringing back peace after several years of civil war. Other governments also praised meditation for helping their citizens and mankind.

This type of meditation is the fastest and easiest way to achieve high level of consciousness. It benefits the intelligence within us. It does not deal with our outer problems but improves intelligence in us to make us deal with problems better. It has over four million practitioners throughout the world - more than one million of them are from the U.S. This meditation gives many instant benefits and since it only needs a little of time, it is great for people who are always in a hurry.

Sedona Method

Sedona method is a way to release feelings. Its goal is to help you in dealing with and releasing stressful and other negative feelings. The most helpful advantage of Sedona method is that it lets us welcome positive thoughts and feelings as they enter our mind. It is a simple, unique, easy to learn and powerful technique that teaches you to uncover your innate ability to let go of your painful experiences and unwanted feeling, thoughts and belief in the moment. It prevents suffering and creates heart's greatest desires. The Sedona method liberates you of your desire in four primary ways:

  1. Attain remarkable results in improving your success and wealth.
  2. Have more healthy, loving and harmonious relationships.
  3. Enjoy the happiness, joy and peace you've been looking for.
  4. More glowing health and emotional and mental well being.

Whenever you feel stressed or find it hard to sleep, the failure to relax can be upsetting. It can hamper all aspects of our life including family, relationships, and work. Although it is viable to accomplish relaxation through medication, it is also possible and safe to be relaxed through meditation. Meditation is the method used to calm and soothe the mind. If the mind is relax, same goes to your body.

The three primary things you need to learn about meditation are the proper breathing, letting go of negative thoughts and visualization.

Breathing. Focus on your breath. Breathe in your stomach and feel your abdomen expand. Pay attention to the time in between your inhale and exhale as you complete your first inhalation. This is the time when you are neither exhaling nor inhaling. When you stop breathing, even if it is just a very short moment, the chatter that is in your mind also stops. As you complete one full breath, feel your stomach and chest. Don't forget to pay attention in between breaths and be always aware of these points. You should breathe naturally without trying to force anything.

Do not be anxious with your thoughts. Stay focus on breathing. When thoughts arise, try to get rid of it immediately. Do not constrain yourself not to imagine either. Thoughts will come naturally in mind but do not become emotionally involved with them. If you find yourself bothered with your thoughts, go back to breathing and the present moment. Dedicate this time with your meditation entirely.

Visualization. Integrate your visualization with your breathing. You may want to visualize a serene place while inhaling. Recall a time when you were at peace within yourself. Revive that feeling while exhaling the negative thoughts in you. Feel that you are becoming rejuvenated and lighter. Remain focus and start feeling positively and energized.

It is important to determine your stress level. Then, you can be on your way to reducing stress in your life.

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