Proper Meditation: Good for Your Mind and Health

In this day and age, with distractions and a busy schedule in life it is hard to figure out the best way to meditate. You may also have a hard time quieting your mind and focusing while meditating.

However, meditation is needed more now than it has ever been needed. With stress levels going through the roof, heart conditions have become a greater risk. For this reason, Learning the best way to meditate is very important to lower your risk of heart disease as well as center your well being.

The very first thing to do in order to experience the best way to meditate, is find a sacred space within your home. It could be in your bedroom, in your living room or in a spacious part of your home where you will not be distracted.

Set up a shrine with a Buddha figure or something sacred in the area that you have designated for your "sacred place". This sacred space helps you towards the best way to meditate because you will feel more at peace.

The second step towards the best way to meditate is to sit in a position where you are comfortable. Just be sure that your body is firmly planted into the ground in order to be centered. This can only be achieved by sitting in the traditional meditation positions such as the Burmese position and the three lotus positions.

In order to practice the best way to meditate, you must be comfortable. If you are not comfortable with the lotus positions by sitting on the floor, then there are two other ways to ground your body in meditation stance. The first one is a kneeling position called Seiza, where your knees provide your grounding in order to center your mind.

If the Seiza position is not one that you would like to use for your meditation practice then you can chose to either sit with your feet flat on the floor. Whatever position you choose, it is important that your body is able to find stable grounding.

The third step towards the best way to meditate after you have found the right position is to straighten your back. In order for this to happen, you can wiggle your back from side to side until you feel your back align with your body.

After you get your body aligned, fold your right hand palm facing up and then lay your left hand gently into your right hand with palm facing up as well. Join your two thumbs together to provide a round opening between your joined hands.

This provides a cosmic gateway to your center. With this positioning of the hands you will experience the best way to meditate by the cosmic energy that has been pulled into your center.

The last step into the best way to meditate is to close your eyes so that you cannot focus on one specific item. This avoids staring at something to long as well as prevents the outer world from distracting you.

As your eyes get comfortable with the slightly closed position, begin to count your breath. Every time you exhale count until you reach the number ten. After you reach the number ten start over.

The most important information for the best way to meditate that can be given is to be centered, gentle and kind to yourself. Harshness will not help you slow your breathing and maintain a calm heart.

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