O Mani Padme Om: Discover The Power of The Buddhist Mantra!

O Mani Padme Om is the mantra that the Tibetan Buddhists use during their meditation. They consider that saying the mantra, either out loud or mentally to you, helps you by summoning the favors of Cherenzig, the embodiment of compassion in the Buddhist religion. You will find here a brief overview of what the mantra essentially is, a little clarification about Cherenzig, its' significance, and its' power.

The belief is that O Mani Padme Om contains all of Buddha's teaching. The mantra is the most frequently used Buddhist mantra. What is particular about this mantra is that it's very powerful, but yet accessible to anybody who feels enthused to practice it. You don't need any previous initiation by a Buddhist meditation master. The Buddhists say that the mantra is as beneficial when spoke or read.

O Mani Padme Om is Cherenzig's mantra. Like I mentioned earlier, Cherenzig is the incarnation of compassion. When reached, this deity brings enlightened awareness to the meditating person. It gives you the knowledge you need to save any beings from affliction. By totally connecting with Cherenzig through the mantra; by the way of your posture, the recited words, and the mental picture of the Buddha, you are enabled to fully comprehend the nature of the suffering and eliminate its' causes.

The people who learn about the mantra and want to use it obviously also want to know what it means. A lot of people ask for a literal translation in their first language which is understandable, but sadly that task not really doable. The mantra can't truly be translated in a simple phrase. However, it's possible to explain it a little bit so that people who have the aspiration to use it in their meditation can at least make a minimum of sense out of it. All the Truth is contained in O Mani Padme Om. This means that all of the Buddha teachings can be extracted out of the mantra. Buddha discovered that all suffering is unnecessary. His tutoring says that suffering, like a disease, can be cured by removing the circumstances that cause it.

In most religion, people pray to ask for a blessing and hope for the divinity to accord them this help. For Buddhists though, the blessing comes from connecting with the intrinsic enlightened beings that lie within us. Cherenzig and all his qualities are in us from birth; it's only a matter of reaching him to uncover his help.

The potential of O Mani Padme Om lies in the power of the #6. The six syllables idealize the Six Paramitas of Bodhisattvas. Each syllable helps you reach perfection in the practice of different virtues. "O" relates to generosity, "Ma" relates to pure ethics, "Ni" relates to tolerance, "Pad" relates to perseverance, "Me" relates to concentration, and "Om" relates to wisdom. Saying the mantra helps you attain perfection in qualities from generosity to wisdom in the simple pronunciation of these six easy syllables.

O Mani Padme Om, as you see, is a very powerful mantra and is worth to use. It is used by much experimented Buddhist meditators, but it can be used by beginners as well because the truth lies inside us. For beginners who aspire to expand their knowledge of meditation, I firmly suggest you go to Steven Adams's www.meditate-for-beginners.com to grab his free E-book containing extremely reliable and valuable content complementary to the O Mani Padme Om mantra.

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