Mindfulness Exercises – Soft Belly

The next time you are outside in a quiet beautiful place on a lovely day, try a simple meditation technique called "Soft Belly," involving slow deep breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth, with the belly soft and relaxed.  If thoughts come just let them come, and then let them go.

"Soft Belly" can become an antidote to the stresses of everyday life and help to relieve those nasty "knots" of tension in your belly that so many of us suffer from today. Soft belly brings more oxygen to the lungs and stimulates the vagus nerve, which is central to relaxation. Slowly this relaxation of the belly will spread to the other muscle groups. Anxieties ease and dissipate. Thoughts of the past and the future — worries, fears, anxieties — start to subside as you come fully into the now, both relaxed and alert. All your senses are engaged. Breathe with the air, the landscape, the rivers, the sea. Be a part of the ecosystem.