Mindfulness 2.0

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Mindfulness 2.0 is a term we use to describe the new science-centred field of mindfulness, as distinct from the tradition, religion and ritual-centred techniques of the past.

Some people are uncomfortable with the notion of meditation or inner-focus because the find the idea too 'airy-fairy'. But those notions no longer hold true because we now have proven scientific evidence of the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness is a way to instigate and control 'plastic' change within the structures of the brain in order to change our minds by literally changing our minds.

This is an exciting field of study and we encourage you to delve, at least a little way, into learning about neuroscience as it will certainly give you a greater appreciation of what might be happening in your brain when you meditate. Even if brain science isn't your thing you can be sure that meditation practice, undertaken regularly, can cause real change within the connections between neurones in your brain.

Mindfulness 2.0 is about a modern, open, emotionally-intelligent, realistic understanding and appreciation of the role of mindfulness-focused meditation in making us calmer, happier and more balanced human beings.