Mindful Breath Meditation Can Free Your Worries and Open You to Stress-Free Solutions

Simply following the breath as an objective of meditation is a way to develop a deeper awareness into you. Learning a Mindful form of breath meditation can help you to manage your thoughts which can lead to increased productivity in all aspects of your life. Following is a story about Ms. Gwendolyn Dragonfly developing her self-awareness skills and teaching her students about breath meditation.

Students often perceived Ms. Gwendolyn Dragonfly as aloof and unapproachable. Her silent austerity frightened them. She seemed to change from moment to moment and often she did. Her translucency was a sign of her maturity. She summoned her strength from her inner world, a place where she had lived from for most of her existence. She had spent many hours, days, and years developing her power from within. Had she not spent her youth in deep understanding she could not have mastered the power to fly deep into the core of her being.

Daily Ms. Gwendolyn Dragonfly would invite her students, even challenge them to spare a few minutes of their time to discover the silence of their strength. She showed them how to become self-aware. Charlie, Shana, and Katrina were most interested. They would sit patiently allowing their thoughts to fly freely away. Ms. Gwendolyn Dragonfly calmly gave them cues after brief periods of silence. She acknowledged their times of struggle and offered suggestions and encouragement.

With her inner vision, Ms. Gwendolyn Dragonfly would wait patiently yet unexpectedly for her new students to arrive. At times they came in droves but she understood the new aspirants often had to experience a key stressful event that would initiate their desire to discover self-awareness. Life's circumstances and striving, working long hours just to blow their money and not have much left to show for all their hard work. They often arrived at her doorstep looking for more meaning to their lives.

She gave them choices, options, various means to focus their attention. Many started by observing their breath. She would tell them: "Follow your breath in and out." As they did she gave them permission to allow their cluttered thoughts to surface but would warn them: "Do not let your thoughts trap you." She would tell them: "Dwelling isn't going to liberate your mind. It'll capture you and keep you stuck as if you were in quicksand. Just witness what surfaces and allow that thought to disappear. No attachment. No Judgment. It just is for that moment."

Many forms of meditation exist. Meditation can help free your mind of unneeded thoughts and can free you to focus on your creativity, your job, your family instead of getting stuck worrying about your future dilemmas. Freeing your cluttered thoughts can often open a space for solutions to surface and help you handle life circumstances.

I guide clients and students trough self-discovery and coping with illness, losses, and challenges. When directing meditation classes and energetic healing sessions I use a gentle, supportive, and validating approach. I find that my clients and students feel calm and comforted after their sessions and classes.

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