Metta Meditation Means Friendship and Results in Loving-Kindness

Loving-kindness is the result of a form of Mindful Metta meditation. Mindful meditative practices help you become more present in the here and now. Loving-kindness leads you to a peaceful acceptance of yourself and of others, even your enemies or those who cause the most disruption in your life. You can use this meditative practice to harness and redirect your thoughts to support you in a calming and comforting state of mind.

Begin by finding a state of love and acceptance for you. When you do the meditative practice you usually have four phrases you use. You focus on directing these thoughts to yourself first because without a reservoir of love and support for yourself there's not much to extend towards anyone else. Serenity develops and you know no matter what is going on around you when you are in this state of mind you are safe within you and often outside of you.

Next you choose someone who you find benefits you the most or you find most helpful in your life. You honor them by sending those same thoughts through repetition of the four phrases to them. This person is easy for you to express love and kindness to in your mind. They are good to you and hopefully you are a positive influence in their life as well.

Even though there are other steps in this meditative practice inevitably you choose to extend loving-kindness to a person who causes you pain or is your enemy. You include them. Start with a person you feel confident enough to express loving-kindness to first. You don't want to agitate your mind by choosing the worst person in your life. As you progress you become more tolerant and then you can face, include, and accept them. Why? By finding a state of mental acceptance about this disruptive person you can deal with them realistically in a stress-free state.

In the end Loving-kindness can lead you to develop more acceptance of yourself and improve your relationships with those you care about the most and the least. Honestly, it can help you sleep better. If you can't fall asleep or you wake in the middle of the night play the recording of the meditation, turn it off, and you'll fall asleep. It puts your mind at ease.

Loving-kindness is really about you. By finding love for everyone starting with yourself, you find an inner world of peacefulness and acceptance. The little things that used to agitate you no longer affect you. When someone pushes your anger button think I'm going to put you in my next meditation. You can turn this practice into a tool to conquer the demons that haunt you. Don't allow them to control you or distract you anymore. Why continue to waste your time on dwelling when you can take your power back and be calm? Due to the freedom that results because of this process you have more productive time to accomplish results each day.

I guide clients and students trough self-discovery and coping with illness, losses, and challenges. When directing meditation classes and energetic healing sessions I use a gentle, supportive, and validating approach. I find that my clients and students feel calm and comforted after their sessions and classes.

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