Meditation Vs Hypnosis – Can Alternative Therapies Deliver Pain-Free Results?

Alternative therapies such as hypnosis and meditation have been used around the world as complementary treatments to conventional medicine for hundreds of years. Meditation has been linked to the relief of symptoms such as anxiety, stress, headaches, insomnia. Hypnosis is commonly used in hospitals and dental practices around the world in place of anaesthesia. And neither practice requires the use of drugs or causes harmful side effects. I have yet to read of a case where lives have been ruined by an addiction to meditation!

There have been many studies conducted on the positive effects of meditation. The reduction in stress levels of long term meditators has been discussed at length. It is well known that meditation is not only good for you, but can probably help you to live longer.

Hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years. It fell into disfavour for a time, possibly due to its use by side-show entertainers. However they were unable to make people do things that it wasn't in their nature to do. Hypnosis can release your inhibitions but it can't, for example, make a member of a strict religious sect dance on stage. If it's not something you can believe in yourself doing, no hypnotist will be able to make you do it.

I know a man who meditated all night to escape the pain of an abcessed tooth. And I know another man who hypnotised himself to quit smoking, although he has no ability to hypnotise anyone else to do anything and has never tried. Both meditation and hypnosis have the ability to help you reduce your stress, manage your anxiety and deal with discomfort in your life. Both have the potential to allow you to change your life.

Of course, there doesn't have to be a choice between meditation or hypnosis. Both are valid alternative therapies, both have proven benefits in particular areas. When used effectively they can transport minds to places where there is no pain, or to effectively suppress or eliminate pain. The mind can be distracted from awareness of pain.

How wonderful, then, would be the ability to combine meditation with hypnosis. To have your mind move into a zen-like, master meditator state, while a hypnotic language track encourages your mind to believe in its own power to heal, grow, develop.

Brainwave entrainment is a way of training your brain to produce particular brainwaves (for instance, the brainwaves your brain would produce during meditation) by playing sounds at particular frequencies long enough for your brain to start picking them up and repeating them. Thus allowing your brain to put itself into a meditative state without you having to consciously meditate.

Using brainwave entrainment allows us to change our brainwave patterns, to slip into a meditative state whether we think we can meditate or not, whether we are practiced meditators or not. Combining this with a hypnotic language track gives us the best of both worlds. And using a brainwave entrainment meditation download with a hypnotic language track would be more financially and economically viable as it's reusable as often as you like.

Another benefit of brainwave entrainment is that by changing our brainwave patterns we can move into deep relaxation or even increased functioning as neural pathways connect across the hemispheres.

And all done by just listening to rhythmic sound overlaid with a gentle voice, then music or birdsong, waves or rain.

Meditation through brainwave entrainment works well for things like studying, creativity, immune system support, focus and concentration prior to exercise. And it works by listening to the right sound frequencies in a quiet and peaceful environment. Hypnosis works extremely well at talking directly to your subconscious mind and encouraging it to let go of pain. Separately, they are great tools to use in dealing with pain. It stands to reason, then, that together they should be unbeatable.

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