Meditation Tips and Tools

There are so many great things you can do or use to make your meditation practice as good as possible. Below is a list if some great tips and tools you can use to improve your meditation and to create an inspiring space for meditation.


Listening to the sound of water is one of the most relaxing elements you can find. If you live nearby a lake, river or beach, then you may want to try meditating outside with the water. The sound of water has a calming and balancing sound as it has this constant rhythm that creates a feeling of peace and harmony inside of you.

If you do not life nearby any water and you still want to meditate so the lovely sound, then you can always buy a water fountain, which creates the same relaxing rhythm. A water fountain is a really great piece for your home and just listening to the soft moving water along the day will bring more harmony and calmness to your home. So it is not only something you have to use while meditating.


Using candles can be a great way to set the mood when you meditate. It helps you focus your attention and creates a more meditation soothing light than electronic lights.

Music and Sounds

Listening to music or sound while meditating can be quite calming and can really help you relax. if you choose to use music when you meditate, you must choose some soft and soothing pieces to listen to such as classical music or other types of instrumental pieces.

Sounds are great for meditation has it creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. There are so many different types of sounds to choose from, but personally I prefer nature sounds such as rain, thunder or a beach. You can also find sounds of jungles, birds or bells. So try different sounds till you find one you like. What is relaxing for one person may not have that same effect on another, so you need to do your own experiment.

Audio Recordings

Using audio recording where you will listen to a voice that guides you through the meditation is a really great tool. For beginners this is really easy way to learn how to meditate. But you do not have to be a beginner to use guided audio. I love to be guided through my meditation and feel that my meditation practice becomes more focused and successful by using this tool. So it is something I can recommend for both beginners and trained.


Meditating in the nature can be a beautiful experience for some people. Meditation as all about connecting to energies around you and inside of yourself and to find balance and harmony and the nature is a really good tool to achieve that feeling. We feel more connected to the earth when we meditate in the nature and it feels more real and natural. But to meditate in the nature it requires that you actually have some natural environment nearby to go to. But if you are in the middle of the city with not much nature around you, it may not be possible and you can then use some of the other tools mentioned earlier such as nature sounds or a water fountain.

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