Meditation Techniques Explained Step By Step

Meditation can be defined as a mental discipline through which one attains a state of complete relaxation. When you start learning meditation your focus should be fixed on calming your mind and nothing else. Choosing the right time and right place is essential for meditation if you are in the beginning stages. As time progress you can meditate even while you commute to office during busy hours and during any part of the day after you have mastered the meditation techniques.

Set particular time -Initially you should set the timeframe for meditation preferably in the early morning. After a good night's sleep your body and mind will be fresh to accept anything new. You can start with five minutes and gradually increase the time up to 20 minutes. But do not change the timeframe frequently. Set particular time in the morning and never change it for any reason.

Set particular place -You need not go for searching a quiet environment near the river bank or foothill in the life schedule of city's hassle. You can choose any place in your house where there will be no noise. Switch off any music systems like TV, or any audio and your mobile phone. You will be accustomed to the room gradually and hence you should not change the atmosphere now and then. If there is any garden in your house which is noise-free that would be ideal for meditation.

Sitting posture -Many people believe sitting in full lotus position by crossing their legs resembling any 'Asana' will be ideal to meditate. But you can sit in any position in which you are really comfortable. After all, meditation involves relaxing you totally and it is essential to sit conveniently first. Remember to keep your back straight without any bend. You can even sit on a cushion or sofa if you are comfortable with it.

Relax totally - Just close your eyes and focus your attention to your breathing style. Find out what disturbs you and correct the same. Do not restrict your thoughts. Your mind will naturally keep flowing switching from several topics within seconds. Your goal is to calm your mind which keeps chattering over again. Find suitable anchor to focus your mind.

Silence your mind - You can repeat any chanting if you find it easy to focus your mind. Try focusing your attention in the breathing style. Repeat this process until your mind settles down. After few days you can observe changes in the flow of mind. All the meditation techniques involve calming your mind and make you free from tension.

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