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No one will ever achieve the surrender or non reactive state by listening to any enlightened person talking about this way of being. This state or energy level can only ever be achieved by taking the very same steps that the enlightened person needed to take! This article provides detailed information on how to navigate your way safely in meditation practice.

Firstly we will begin with an explanation of how to meditate. In the early stages a strict protocol needs to be maintained in order to achieve the best results. This process begins with Anapana, which is to sit still with spine erect and unsupported with the focus of your awareness on your breathing in the area of the triangle of your nose with the upper lip. This practice will sharpen, discipline and increase the sensitivity of the mind. A standard meditation period has one hour duration. Make no mistake soul energy flow is increasing with this exercise.

After a certain point is reached in Anapana practice then you will be ready to practice Insight meditation, which is a body scan of the whole body with your awareness. The requirement for readiness to commence Insight meditation is to be able to hold your concentration for at least two minutes without any distracting thoughts and to be able to feel the subtle or auric sensations over the triangle area. Practice meditation as often as your circumstances allow but do not be in a hurry with your meditation stage of progression. It is a long journey, which needs to be taken one firm foundation step at a time.

Always keep in mind that meditation is a process of increasing energy in the body, which will lead to inevitable consequences. The process of purification causes impurities or poisons to be released and eliminated, which often have unpleasant or uncomfortable side effects. This is particularly so in the beginning stages of meditation. The single most common form of side effect would be headache. This is because of the increased energy flow through channels, which are not yet wide enough to facilitate that flow. The wide range of symptoms can be in any combination. This is from headache or migraine, skin rashes, burping, coughing, sneezing, crying, nasal discharge, nausea, spinal pains and even diarrhea.

Do not be deterred in any way from your practice of meditation by the mirage of any side effect or combination of side effects. Just see it as an elementary stage to be passed through, which it is. Once passed through you will experience stronger more pleasant meditation ability. The early stages of meditation can be painful but this is more than made up by the joy of deeper meditation. Whenever you experience a side effect you should be really happy with true inner joy because you know that you are definitely meditating correctly.

Every serious student of meditation would be wise to have a correct concept for the purpose and function of meditation practice. There are only two paths in life. The first path or ego approach is to run around chasing the illusion enjoying the glamor of sensation. This naturally leads to the energy state of reduced soul energy flow with a contracted twisted spinal alignment of the body with reduced function. The second path or soul approach is to sit still in order to escape the illusion.

By comparison in meditation you practice detached observation of sensation with no particular attachment. This naturally leads to the energy state of increased soul energy flow with an expanded straightened spinal alignment of the body with improved function. Increased soul energy flow progressively removes the sediments of crystallization or resistance. Meditation is a progression from rigidity into flexibility on all levels of your being mental, emotional and physical.

Whenever you meditate your soul energy flow increases or speeds up and whenever you stop meditating your soul energy flow slows down. This explains why any progress you have successfully made during meditation practice is easily reversible during those periods of meditation abstinence.

One ten day meditation course correctly practiced will enable you to make a significant improvement in your meditation stage of progression or ability. Then after your course to practice meditation one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening every day will enable you to maintain your stage of meditation progression but will result in very little overall improvement or progression. This explains why it is better to do a ten day course every month for four months rather than to do a ten day course every year for four years!!!!

Your focus for meditation ability needs to be on doing continuous courses until the stage of continuous meditation ability has been achieved. To become aware of the soul energy flow and hold your awareness within it results in continuous meditation with continuous dissolving of crystallization. Only at night when you sleep does your body rest to remove the stirred up impurities and further soften the linings of the energy channels in order for meditation the next day to expand the channels even further.

With continuous meditation you are achieving only progression in meditation practice with no reversal of results due to soul energy flow slowing down!!!! When this point is reached you no longer need the initial strict protocol any longer because you now have the ability to meditate in all conditions. You have now begun the dual life of the outer every day life and the inner meditative life all at the same time.

No one practicing meditation at the level of a one ten day course every year with two hours each day only will ever achieve enlightenment. Only meditators with continuous meditation ability will ever have any chance to achieve enlightenment.

During meditation at times you will experience a process called Bunga, which is a larger than usual influx of soul energy flow coming down from your Over-Soul. Bunga is identical to the enlightenment experience with one small difference. The difference is the degree of resistance in your body. With Bunga the resistance pulls up the influx of energy short and with enlightenment it is a complete experience because the resistance has been previously removed.

Enlightenment is the final dissolution and removal of the last remaining specks of resistance in your being. Once enlightenment has been achieved then reversal of meditation progress is no longer applicable. You are now truly free.

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