Meditation on Emotions Helps You Cope With Life Events

Emotions are your messengers indicating to you how you are responding on some level to situations, people, or issues that pertain to you. Often the reaction you have is irrational. You may not even know where it came from. You are calm and in control one minute and then you receive a call. When you hang up the phone you feel unsettled. Overtime if you continue to dismiss your emotions their demand to be heard becomes louder and louder. Those suppressed emotions could even create illness.

Meditation can help lessen struggles with your emotions by creating a still enough silence in your mind for you to hear what your emotions are trying to tell you. By tuning in and listening to the silence you are surprised by the terms your emotions reveal. Old forgotten memories may linger and want to be acknowledged. Through your acknowledgement they may simply float away never to be seen again or to haunt you.

Meditation can benefit you by quieting your mind for moments of time so you can hear the call of your emotions. It can give you a tool to rely on to face those unsettled feelings after that phone call to help you rationally continue with your day. Through meditation on emotions you can focus your mind during moments of duress.

At the end of the day Bobby would often call his wife before he left the office to discuss their plans for the evening. Sarah cheerfully answered and couldn't wait for her husband to arrive home. He sounded like he had a great day. On that particular Wednesday, before Bobby left the office, his partners changed their agreement and he was going to lose money. When he arrived home Sarah expected a happy Bobby. He was sullen. After her great day, she suddenly felt disturbed but without reason.

Even though Sarah was familiar with her husband's moods and his quiet brooding, she expected his upbeat state of mind because they had only spoken a half hour earlier. Sarah realizing her reaction was to his current mood stepped back and asked him for time to reflect. She chose to meditate on her emotions. Bobby was familiar with Sarah in her meditative practices. In the past he had dismissed meditation as something she enjoyed but he had no time for it.

As he sat there brooding, waiting for her, he decided to sit beside her and to listen. He observed the serenity in her face. Part of his dilemma was to discuss with her their lost income. He gently held her hand and sat quietly beside her and started to listen to the meditation she was listening to and he heard the person say to accept what comes into your mind and allow it. That it was ok. Then he heard nothing. Sarah was quiet and he was quiet. He felt the sinking feeling he felt when his partners told him the news. His intense reaction began to lessen. He felt a sense of peace he could convey to his wife.

Meditating on emotions can give you time to face events in your life and answers may appear, resolutions may occur, and acceptance can develop. Being caught in mind traps and dwelling on options wastes precious time that could be spent enjoying life. An extra benefit is that it can improve your relationships.

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