Meditation Methods Are Plentiful – Learn How to Find the Best One for You Here!

Meditation methods are so diverse and abundant that it can be very challenging to find the ones that are appropriate for you. There is no secret in order to do this; you have to try several types of methods and see for yourself. One thing you should know though is that you have to try different categories of meditation. If you stay in the same one all the time and it's not working for you, it never will. You have to explore further techniques using different processes. The following will present you with a variety of meditation methods: concentrative, mindfulness, and brainwave. At least one of these will be a good fit for you. In this case, even inside the same group, it's possible for one not to work well for you, but for another one to be a spot on match, because of the selection that has been made.

Let's start right away with concentrative meditation. There are plenty of concentrative meditation methods you can choose from. Simple meditation is one of them which includes the use of a specific word (mantra), visualization, and breathing. Walking meditation is another method. As its name notifies, it's performed walking. You are ultimately walking and feeling each and every step you take; every little facets of your stride. A different procedure is journey meditation. In that particular method, you reach a relaxed condition by visualizing yourself going into a perfect setting; you plainly leave for a journey by the way of your imagination. You can also use a guided meditation. This one makes it easier to free your mind because you don't have to think about anything by yourself; you only follow the instructions you receive. An additional meditation methods is executed by aligning and synchronizing your chakras. Each of these chakras is representative of numerous virtues, and meditating on them will help you in every aspect they each stand for.

Now let's move on to the mindfulness meditation methods. Vipassana meditation is really the definition of mindfulness. The general concept is to be entirely conscious of everything surrounding you, while in spite of this not reacting to any of it. The other type that will be discussed here is yoga nidra. Yoga nidra, as you may presume, is more focused on the body. You shift your awareness from one part of your body to the other, starting from your toes all the way to your head. Doing this takes your mind away from any other worry you might have.

The brainwave meditation methods are one of a kind. They consist of listening to audio containing specific wave lengths. Alpha meditation is formed of frequencies from 7 Hz to 14 Hz; Theta meditation is performed with frequencies from 4 Hz to 8 Hz. While you are listening to these frequencies; combine the exercise with a visualization method.

Every one of the meditation methods presented here is subject of a whole article, so they were presented only briefly. To obtain in depth information on all of these techniques and even more, I strongly suggest you pay a visit Steven Adams's On that website, you will be able to download his free E-book which includes all the information you need concerning these methods, their benefits, and how to proceed to get the most out of them. I wish you the best results with these meditation methods and encourage you to try as many as you can to discover the best one for you.

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