Meditation: How To Gain The True Value Of Life

You often lose the battle with life's critical moments in your mind. You let the circumstances prevail over your mindset. You tend to create a vision of the world and when that vision is destroyed, you get depressed. These things are natural with people who don't have proper control over their mind. That is the fundamental premise of succeeding in life.

How to control your mind?

You are best served by meditation to learn how to harness your mind. Your mind travel faster than light and is the genesis of dreams and translator of reality. Through meditation, you can check its speed and remain composed even in extreme moments of crisis.

Your mind is ever deluded by countless thoughts. When you think of an aim, other thoughts cancel your chances of achieving it. To realize your actual potential and understand the true picture of reality, you need to resort to different levels of Meditation.

The objective of this book

The Art Of Meditation is a French book by Matthieu Ricard, which needs to be translated into many other languages. It is all-encompassing and gives many ways of meditating practices and its countless benefits. Vajrasana is perhaps the most effective where you sit cross-legged with steady body balance and looking ahead.

You start your life boggled by curiosities and there are too many questions haunting you like ripples. However, proper meditation makes you analyze all occurrences in actual light, and show you wisdom. It is also supposed to enhance your grasping powers and your instincts. In the end, you become as composed and deep as an ocean, a stage when all hardships seem superficial to you.

Practice meditation to perfection

Deep meditation helps you gain control over your breathing, and in effect, your nervous system. Automatically, your brain starts receiving more oxygen and becomes livelier. You will then remain quiescent even in a landslide, and find out ways of survival, when others panic and crumble down.

Your brain is made of too many convolutions and is practically impossible to map down fully. It is said in Zen Philosophy that you can add anything to a teacup filled with water. That is true also of your brain if your channel your thoughts in a right manner. Hypnotists achieve mastery over a minute portion of their brain trough immense concentration. You can do more by practicing meditation regularly and following regulations.

Space and constraint

Of course, you require a peaceful environment and proper space to concentrate. That is why olden saints used to go to the forest. You will find answers to many riddles of life if you introspect into your own activities. You can only do that fairly, when you think the matter in isolation, and away from loved ones. The techniques given in this book are illuminating and worth emulating.

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