Meditation Has Been Proven to Reduce Stress and Increase Health

A discourse intended to express its author's reflections or to guide others in contemplation, by allowing the information to permeate our imagination. We reflect on things others have taught us and understand a given thought the way it applies to our individual lives.

This so-called meditation has been practiced for thousands of years with interesting results. It allows release of stress in all areas of life and has been known to accelerate health, wealth, and happiness. I know for a fact it has increased the positive being within myself to the extent of security and satisfaction.

I have allowed myself to clear my mind of all things except the thought of myself breathing, sitting on a beach and listening to that high-pitched ringing, or watching the shapes as my eyes are closed and the light flows through my awareness. If you are not sure how the light flows through your awareness then you will have to close your eyes and watch as the different shapes are formed, float through your sight, and see if you can move them at your will.

If you like variety; then choose one of these techniques and get accustomed to it and then try another. However, some people like to find the process that works for them and stay with it and that too is a wonderful thing.

I know that people use candles and incense for the fragrant aromas that allow them to escape the present frame of mind and release their vast imagination. This will aid you in the tiny vacation of which you are about to embark.

The whole purpose of meditation is to feel the peace that comes from within. You do not have to go from a fast pace to totally still in less than a second, but it should be relatively a short amount of time. You might only be able to meditate for two to five minutes to start. As you become comfortable with it you will want to increase the amount of time you spend in your relaxation state.

If you are a beginner at this meditation, then focus on your breathing and count your breaths. Count one for inhale, one for exhale, two for inhale, two for exhale, etc. This will cause you to concentrate more on the counting and induce the separation from any worries or thoughts of everyday life. Make an estimated guess at what number to go to, then if you reach it while totally concentrating on the breathing then you have accomplished a very meaningful task. If you do not reach your goal before allowing the mind to wander back into your other self of a different subject then when you catch yourself, your count will start over. Even if it means you possibly have to reduce the target number that you set. To help you feel an accomplishment; it is fundamental that you allow yourself to succeed by reaching a target number.

If today is not a good day for meditation, then at least sit in a quiet space for ten or twenty minutes, with a beverage of choice and be still. This will allow you to think about the events of the day in an objective way. The point of the relaxation is to change your direction to a more favorable, controlled awareness.

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