Meditation Forms

Meditation is process of self-relaxation. This is self-training to control the mind in such a way that you can keep different degrees of conscience. It can be a full, wide awake experience or an almost unconscious state. When we practice this we have to keep in mind that we to be in a nice quiet place. It can have to do with the past or the future.

Meditation usually has to do with the body also. When we meditate we relax our bodies as much as possible. Usually we try to flex all our muscles individually and then relax them. This takes a little conditioning to see what has our individual self. With this done we are almost ready to start the meditation process.

Meditation is a personal practice. There are people that do not use any outside stimulants and there are people that use beads, candles and a variety of objects. It is all personal choice. When you get to the focal point of your meditation you are free to go where ever your mind wants you to go. You might have an idea of what you want but if you go somewhere else just go with it. You are being told something that you are not looking for.

Meditation is used in most religions. It is a spiritual connection with the higher power that is worshipped. There are eastern forms of mediation which are based on practices that are tens of thousands of years old. The western religions came about a lot later, No matter how you believe meditation is about the individual.

The choice of position when meditating is just personal choice. You can be sitting, lying down, and kneeling, go using some of the older traditional positions. Buddhist say that you have to be in a certain position with your prayer beads. Middle Eastern religions believe that you have to be on your prayer rug facing a certain way. None of these are wrong. It is all in our personal belief.

Meditation can be helpful for medical purposes also. It can help with addiction, pain management and high blood pressure. When we meditate we slow our body processes down since we are in a relaxed state. Breathing decreases, blood pressure goes down and are in totally semi conscience state. Knowing this and practicing it on a daily basis could mean fewer trips to seek medical help.

Meditation can bring you into a heightened state of awareness. We can feel things that we usually do not notice. We can sense when someone is talking about us, and we might sense when something is going to happen. We might even have visions of things in the future. This is not always the case but it has been recorded happening.

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