Meditation for a Better Life Why to Practice and What It Will Do for You

Meditation is a commonly practiced art in the east and not as widely known and accepted in the west, it is a scientific art to living the best life that you can. The following are some very great reasons you should begin a regular meditation practice and how it will improve your life on all levels.

Meditation is a look inward, this is often not known in the west as we are always taught to reach out and expand further. So to begin an inward journey is not as normal but highly effective in helping you reach the goals you have for your life. Meditation will give you the ability to be in control of your surroundings, reduce stress, conserve energy and it's also the best form of therapy you can buy and its completely free. Meditation when practiced regularly will improve your fitness by making your breath more efficient giving you a greater oxygen retention in your lungs. Meditation when practiced regularly will improve your digestion, reducing heart burn, diarrhea and constipation. Meditation will improve your athletic performance by becoming more in-tune with your body you will gain the ability to see yourself from outside your body. This is a great tool for any athlete looking to gain an edge on performance, it gives you the ability to slow things down and control your surroundings rather than react to them. This is one of the keys to all great athletes in all sports they say that the game slows down and they can then see things in slow motion giving them that extra time to perform at a higher level.

Meditation will improve your sex life. By being more in-tune with yourself you will also be more in-tune with your partner giving you the ability to enjoy more pleasure mutually. Meditation will improve your overall health and well being starting from a physical perspective. It will make you aware of pain discomfort and stress you are holding onto in your body. When you become aware of the tension you are holding onto you can then learn how to relax it and get rid of it from your body. When you practice meditation regularly you will notice your body feels more loose comfortable and free. Combining a moving meditation like yoga, Tai-Chi or Qi-gong are the best ways to learn and cultivate this body awareness. Yoga, Tai-Chi and Qi-gong are all ancient moving meditation practices designed to give your body mind and soul the freedom you were naturally born with. As children we have not learned the bad behaviors or holding onto to stress physically, we are free relaxed and happy all the time. Meditation and moving meditation are designed to bring back our inner child. Have fun enjoy life be happy and live a life of unlimited possibilities.

To begin a regular meditation practice is simple. Start with a short little practice each day 5 minutes either sitting or doing a moving meditation and go from there. Just flow be effortless and enjoy the journey.

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