Meditating With the Divine Presence Within You

Starting now, more and more you'll find that when you meditate you are one with the Divine Presence that is within you. Take a deep breath in and become aware of the fact that meditating on a daily basis is a mental and spiritual attitude that has the power to lift you up in so many ways.

When you meditate on a daily basis feel free to let go of any fears, diseases or past choices that you thought had power over you. Begin to examine how when you meditate on a daily basis your thoughts can begin to turn to Truth. Notice how your attention begins to shifts from the world and turns inwards to all of the Love, Joy and Peace that is within you.

By looking into the future you start to notice how you no longer find yourself wanting anything instead you find yourself being open and allowing to all that is occurring within this moment as it is happening. Also you begin to consider the possibility of consciously identifying with the good that you seek as it begins to bring good into manifest form.

In like manner, when you meditate more and more you recognize that there is no lack or limitations as you enjoy the riches of Love, Joy and Peace that are within you in great abundance.

Indeed, when you meditate you find yourself filled full with Love, Joy and Peace rather than worry or tension you simply release and let go into that inner state of bliss that is within you.

And as this begins to happen allow these words from the Bible resonate within your entire state of being...

"For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened." Matthew 7:8

As these words continue to run through your mind, I want you to understand, just understand that by meditating on a daily basis you are creating a pathway to that space within you where when you knock it shall be opened. And when that place within you that is full of Love, Joy and Peace is opened you shall also have everything that your heart asks to receive which is Love, Joy and Peace.

In these circumstances, you will be glad to know that the practice of Yoga Nidra is one of the most effective and simplest guided meditation techniques that you can use to experience all of the Love, Joy and Peace that is within you.

More than that the more often you practice Yoga Nidra the more often you will find yourself in a state that is more flowing and peaceful in all ways, always.

Thaddeus Ferguson has dedicated himself to the cause of helping people heal themselves first in order to help heal the world during this amazing time of transformation.

The practice of Meditation and/or Yoga Nidra is just one of the many powerful tools that you can use in order to help Heal You First.

Discover many of the Benefits of Meditation Now!

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