Medical Uses for Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has been put to a number of medical uses since the Victorian era when it was popular to treat people using hypnotherapy, especially people who were diagnosed as suffering with hysteria. Nowadays there are a number of well-accepted conditions for which hypnotherapy is considered a perfectly acceptable practice.

Patients can be treated directly through a hypnotist or taught to manage conditions themselves using self-hypnotherapy. Here a person is shown how to self-hypnotise and when there is a need for therapy or treatment they can administer their own therapy. This is particularly useful with pain management or controlling cravings or addictions.

Pain Management

Self-hypnosis is an effective means of controlling chronic pain through administering sessions of therapy oneself. Once shown how the process works an individual is able to better take control of their discomfort and sometimes even totally eliminate the underlying pain.

Natural Childbirth

Women looking to have a totally natural childbirth without the introduction of pain killers can be taught to control the pain through self-hypnotism. This will let them create a relaxed and pleasant sensation, making having the baby a less stressful and less painful experience using hypnobirthing.

Stress Relief

Whatever the reason behind a persons stress or anxiety it can, at times, become quite debilitating. Hypnosis and self-administered techniques can improve an individual's quality of life by offering relief to the every day stresses and anxieties that people often face.


Depression is an area that has long been covered by hypnotherapeutic techniques and very useful in managing mental health issues. Treating depression through the use of hypnotherapy can rapidly increase a patients desire to live and return to a useful and fulfilling state of existence.

Fear and Cravings

Help in giving up addictions, whether they are drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, hypnotherapy has been a successful way of assisting people in gaining release from a long held problem or addiction. It can also be used to over come fear and phobias, a hypnotised person may find it easier to fly by plane, deal with spiders or maintain a healthy dieting regime. Patients can find a better quality of life after they have had a successful hypnotherapy session.

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be particularly successful in dealing with pain management, from burns to cancer all have been treated and manage in this way. Hypnotherapy however is unlike other therapies and results will vary between certain individuals.

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