Manifestation Visualization Video – Great New Meditation Technique or Useless Gimmick?

The idea that we create our reality with our thoughts is hardly a new one, but has gained much more attention since publication of "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. Manifestation is now discussed all over the web and, not surprisingly, various charlatans are trying to sell us products that will supposedly help us do this. One of the latest offerings is manifestation visualization video, a creative combination of an isochronic brainwave entrainment recording with accompanying images and verbal affirmations flashed on the screen before the user. In this article, we explore whether this technology works.

What Is Manifestation Visualization Video?

For those of us who have been meditating for years, some of the new technologies in audio recordings have been a tremendous boon. As I have written about elsewhere on ezinearticles, brainwave entrainment through binaural beats or the even more powerful method of isochronic tones is extremely effective at taking us to enhanced states of consciousness. All the main brainwave frequencies, each with their own associated human potentials, can be induced through these recordings. If our goal is to manifest a new reality through visualization, these CDs and MP3s are wonderful tools.

As mentioned above, manifestation visualization video builds on this technology by adding visual stimuli to the soundtrack. In one example, images that connote financial success are interspersed with positive affirmations about wealth and happiness. Obviously, this technology requires the user to sit in front of a computer screen, rather than lie down in a comfortable chair or bed. But that isn't the main issue here.

Externalizing Meditation - A Misguided Approach

Even if you use brainwave entrainment recordings, the activity of visualization - of manifestation - is still an internal one. You have thoughts and images in your mind's eye, not on a computer screen. And that is precisely where those images must be for the process of manifestation to work. Human creativity is analogous to a bicycle wheel: tiny movements at the inner hub (the mind) translate into large effects at the outer rim (physical reality), transmitted through the spokes. The locus of your personal power is within you, not outside.

Now, having said that, looking at images and saying affirmations most certainly can and does work, but only to the extent that it facilitates inner changes. Looking at a picture of something you want is all well and good, but you need to "see" it with your mind's eye if you want your physical eyeballs to someday be able to see that object in the real world. Similarly, reading affirmations is a superficial activity; the ideas they represent must become part of your internal belief system if they are to have any significant effect.

Meditation - which means different things to different people, but certainly embraces creative visualization practices - is a quintessentially internal activity. You can't externalize meditation any more than you can externalize happiness or anger.

The Irresistible Allure of the "Easy Button"

Manifestation visualization video is a misguided attempt to make the process of creating your own reality a simple, "plug and play" exercise. (Sorry, exercise is a poor choice of word, for it connotes effort!) It can only work to the extent that the images encourage the viewer to think, believe, and imagine different thoughts. In other words, it's no more than a suggestion. And there's every chance the suggestions chosen by the video's producer are not the ones you really want or need. How can they know what you're trying to manifest?

You would be far better advised to keep the process of manifestation internal from the start. By all means avail yourself of brainwave entrainment audio to help you get where you need to go mentally, but leave the video for the kids playing games. With a good meditation MP3, the process is as easy as it's going to get. The rest is up to you.

Stick With What Works

Your manifestation visualization sessions can be helped a great deal by meditation MP3s or CDs that target the alpha-theta boundary or, if you really want to kick it into high gear, the advanced gamma state. The best meditation MP3 downloads are reviewed here:

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