Learning To Meditate the Simple Way

With all of the secrecy and religious dogma that often surrounds meditation, it can be very intimidating for someone just learning to meditate. I'm here to tell you that it doesn't need to be that way. When you strip away the layers of dogma, what you have is something that is literally as simple as learning to breathe.

Just Sit - Most of us cannot twist ourselves into a full lotus position without needing to call for assistance to un-twist us when we are done. Half lotus is fine or, if you cannot sit comfortably on the ground with your legs crossed, then kneel. If you are unable to kneel then sit in a straight-backed chair. If you're unable to sit in a chair then, as a last resort lay down.

Learning to meditate does not require a specific posture though sitting is better than lying down so that you are less likely to fall asleep.

Just Breathe - Nearly all of us go about our day without giving regard to our breath. We assume, since we are still living and moving around, we must be breathing properly. But we breathe too shallow, most of the time. For the person learning to meditate, a simple technique can be to sit in a chair and imagine breathing from the top of your head through your feet on the inhale. This visualization helps to elongated the lungs so that you are using more of them to breathe.

Pick a Mantra - Sometimes concentrating on a word or short phrase, called a mantra, can be the simplest and most relaxing when you're learning to meditate. Mantras are typically spoken silently in your head, over and over at whatever pace feels natural to you.

The most common mantra people use when learning to meditate is "Om," or, alternatively "Aum."

Another helpful mantra to use is what is called the peace mantra, "Om Shanti."

Keep in mind, when learning to meditate, you only need to use one mantra during a meditation session.

And as far as how long to meditate for, choose what is right for you at the beginning. A few minutes meditating is better than none at all, but ideally, you should try to work your way up to twenty-one minutes a day.

Learning to meditate doesn't have to be overwhelming or confusing, you just need to take the initiative and simply observe whatever experience occurs. With these simple tips in mind, you have everything you need to begin your meditation practice.

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