Learn the Most Powerful and Quickest Way to Meditate Deeper Than a Zen Monk – Part 3

Now we get to the exciting part - learning to connect to things outside your body. So why is this so exciting, I can talk to you all day about this, but I will keep to the main idea, when you learn that you can feel and move energy outside your body, you know without a doubt that you are not confined to your body. You realize that you are a spiritual being having a human experience instead of the other way around. I'm not talking about you knowing because someone else told you, not because you read it in a book, even if it is your religious book. This might sound true to you, you might want it to be true, but unless you can feel energy and move it outside of yourself you don't know for sure, no matter how much you believe. Let me describe to you what I mean, this happen to me about 12 years ago I had been practicing meditation for about 3 years and we were taught to move the energy outside our bodies and do different things with it.

For me that meant using my imagination, I could feel the energy in my body but once I moved it outside I don't really know I was just imagining it. I knew it had to be working because I could feel it come into my body when it was suppose to, but here is the moment it all change (I guess you could say this was my moment of enlightenment) I was practicing a different kind of meditation where when you feel intense emotions you feel it totally and completely you even push out what caused the emotion and you just feel, you intensify it as much as possible. My now exgirlfriend and I were having problems in our relationship at the time, so I think it was sadness. Soon after I practice that technique she came over, and we were talking about something, all of a sudden my heart start to beat faster and harder, I didn't know what was happening, I thought I was having a heart attack. I had to breath fast and could not speak, my girlfriend at the time asked if I wanted her to call 911, I manage to say, "no, just wait" and then it went even faster and all of a sudden it felt like my heart exploded and I was everywhere at the same time I could feel inside everything even my exgirlfriend it was absolutely amazing the bliss you feel is unimaginable. Now not everybody's enlightenment is that powerful most of the times it is a ah ha so this is what it feels like, but you get the picture.

So let's get started, we are going to use our sense of hearing to do this, but you need to look at things a little differently first. Your sense of hearing is closely related to your sense of touch, actually it is the same. I know, what is this crazy guy talking about, but stay with me. When something gives off a sound it actually is just a vibration which comes to your ear drum and vibrates it, which in return vibrates you inner ear pieces which vibrates these tiny very sensitive hairs in your ear and your brain then interrupts this vibration has sound. If you have ever been to a night club then you know the music is so loud that you can feel it through your feet and whole body. I use to teach dancing, I had this student that was deaf, he could not hear the sound, but he could feel it through his body. Have you ever seen the movie Dare devil well there is a boy that had an accident and was blinded, but gain incredible hearing. He could see his surroundings the same way through feeling the vibration. First sit down and close your eyes and just listen. Focus on what seems to be the loudest sound. What direction is it in? So now see if you can hear something in the opposite direction or at least a different direction. Got it, good now let's see if you can focus on them both at the same time. Great, see if you can add another sound, start to search in different direction and hear everything you can. I want you to notice the sound what is it and how far away it is, and keep adding as much sounds as you possibly can, hearing them all at the same time. This part might take a few tries to get good at it, but it is worth it before you move on to the next section.

Ok now for the grand finally, this is what we been building up to. We are going to put all 3 parts together I hope you're expecting something big because you're not going to be disappointed. Now this part is important, your experience with this is only going to be as good has you have mastered the different parts. Don't expect to just read through each part and think you're going to be able to put everything together and have the universe open up for you. You have to be able to feel and move your energy, you have to be able to visualize, and you have to be able to focus on hearing in a 360 degree range. Now you don't have to be perfect at it but you have to at least put a little bit of time and effort in to it. If you where in one of my seminars I would walk you through each part, I guarantee you results, but you're not your reading an article so you have to be responsible for actually doing the exercises. Let's get to it.

First go through the first part by now you should be able to move your energy without touching your body, if not you need to practice more before this step. So move your energy to your lower dan tein through your arms and feet. Move your awareness or energy, depending how far you have developed it in when you breathe in and out when you breathe out. Do this for a few minutes really start to notice you can feel your whole body at the same time (later I will teach you to feel every organ, every bone, muscle, right down to the cell). Now we are going to focus on hearing at the same time you are moving your energy. I want you to do the hearing exercise hear everything at the same time all around you. I know this might be a little difficult but you will get it trust me. Once you got that let's move to the next step lol NOW IT GET'S EXCITING. We are going to add in the sense of sight, make sure you are familiar with your surroundings for you first few times doing this. You can do this with your eyes open or shut, later on you need to do it with them open, but now it doesn't matter. See what's in front of you, to both sides of you, and behind you. Now let's add in the sound except this time with the sound make it a visualization meaning if you hear a car go by see a car go by, if you hear children playing see children playing.

This is where it is important to be familiar with your surrounding so if there is a playground to your left you can see it there and you know if you hear children playing, it will be there, it makes it easier in the beginning. Do this at the same time as you start to pull in the energy through your hands and feet. Then relax don't pull in the energy just feel around you see, feel, and hear. Then pull some more energy in, go back and forth. If you're in a house see all the rooms at the same time and move beyond that, the trick is to relax and then expand and relax and expand again. This is not a regular meditation, It is totally unique, well like I said I got the idea for the first part from Robert Bruce, but the rest I made from when I'm in meditation, when I'm connected with everything. I broke it down and used NLP to build your experience with it. Please don't underestimate this meditation it will change your life, so if you're not ready for that don't do it. You will have questions, go to my website join and ask me anything, both are free. This is just the beginning everything I teach builds on this; soon you will be doing everything in this state of mind or being. Like I was saying don't underestimate this because I'm sharing this with you for free this is more powerful than you can imagine. So there are some cautious, you have to start being aware of your thoughts. The thoughts you have continually will start to become your reality, rather good or bad. This is already happening, but doing this on a regular base will make it happen faster, much faster. Have fun and send me an email, tell me of your experience with it

Joel Skipper has traveled around the world researching, and learning the most profound, and powerful meditation practices from masters in many different traditions. He has taught thousands of students how to change their life through the power of deep meditation. Come and join us at Conscious living to learn more about meditation. It doesn't take years or even months to learn how to meditate deeply.


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