How to Maintain Consistency and Be Successful

It does not take a genius to figure out the fact that consistency is the key to be successful. In life, whether you want to lose weight, climb up the corporate ladder, stay in love etc, everything needs consistency! A person starts his day with best intentions - "I will work out for an hour at least" or "I will put in my 100% in work today" or "will definitely take out few hours in the evening to play with the kids". Intentions are good at the start of the day but as the day progresses, intention and motivation levels dwindle - either you are too tired or one of the kids falls sick, you dog needs your attention etc and your actual plans go for a toss. You feel bogged down and consistency is lost! Well, try to follow these simple tips and see the change in your behavioral patterns:

• Tell yourself that you are always motivated: continuously telling yourself something and reminding your brains of particular things is a healthy and good habit. Keep telling yourself that you are motivated to go to the gym and work out. Look forward to it the whole day. Automatically your mind and body will start responding! Being consistence does not mean you have to be perfect. Some days you will lapse. Important thing is to get back in the grind with pure intentions

• Build momentum one step at a time - do not over load yourself. If you are aiming for a particular position in office and you have identified five action plans, do not follow them all at once. Your mind will be over whelmed and you will feel undue stress! Take baby steps - slowly but surely towards your goals. Achieve small steps confidently and successfully one at a time to reach final destination

• Have a contingency - life is unpredictable and hence you should normally have a plan B - something you can fall back on. You cannot anticipate and for see all problems and hurdles you are going to face. If you decided to hit the gym in the evening but you are delayed at work. Plan B should be to get up in the morning and compensate for last evening!

It is easy to lose ground, lose hope and lose all motivation. But if you have to achieve goals and are ambitious in life, consistency is the key to success! Do not give up!

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