How To Calmly Meditate

Meditation is the ability to tame the mind from aimlessly wandering around. It aims to strengthen the individual's mind to focus their whole attention to only one thing. Meditation requires the individual to commit to a daily routine in order to be most effective.

The first thing you should know when you start a meditation regimen is to practice posture and proper circulation. The traditional cross-legged position is a good starting pose. Be sure that your hips are properly positioned and that they are positioned higher than the knees. This will help in circulation and to avoid your feet from falling asleep. You can find a good meditation cushion to help you in performing the traditional cross-legged position. It is highly recommended that you touch your forefingers with your thumbs for your body to experience the greatest energy flow. But if you find that traditional cross-legged position is too difficult for you to perform because you are too inflexible or have back issues then you can modify it. Rather than sitting without any back support, you will have to sit on the floor with your back against a wall. You will also need a cushion to sit on so that you will still be able to have your hips positioned higher than your knees. But if you really have serious back issues that don't allow you to sit up for prolonged hours then you will need a firm floor or a yoga mat to lie on. You can use a small soft pillow as a cushion for your head. Do your best to stay awake during the mediation since you will need your mind to be alert. Meditation will require you to have the proper posture to achieve the best results. The meditation posture might be difficult for many especially since we don't usually exercise proper posture. Sooner or later with consistent daily proper posture practices, you will get a hold of the mediation posture in no time. Maintain proper balance on your head and shoulders to avoid getting neck strains.

It is very important that no matter which meditation posture you choose, that you maintain a flat back with no slouching, as meditation can be considered a practice of good posture, as much as anything else. You can also buy a mediation stool so that you would be able to perform perfectly the mediation position. The mediation stool will be typically 10-12 inches off the ground. This will create the optimal meditation position.

By the time you are practicing meditation, thoughts will inevitably arise. But you should not worry thought since it is perfectly normal. Sometimes you have a busy mind. Sometimes you will have a subtler more quite mind. Dealing with thought during mediation is tough but it is all part of the meditative process. The stored mental clutter will be released during mediation. Meditation is the perfect mental cleanser. During mediation you can detach yourself from your thoughts by imagining that they are just distant puffy white clouds that are floating freely and dissipating into thin air. You can also imagine your thoughts as moving computer banners in your mind which you can permanently delete in just one single click of your mind mouse. There are a lot of methods you can come up for yourself in how to deal with thoughts during mediation. The whole point is to just merely observe your thought without reacting or being distracted by your thoughts during the mediation process. If you can master this technique, then you will be able to gain more control over your mind.

Aside from thoughts surfacing during the meditation process, noise can also be great distraction for you. Find a peaceful place to meditate to enhance the experience and get better results. Turn off cell phones, computers and the television. Create a meditation environment that is conducive for meditation. You can also play soothing instrumental music to add a nice touch of serenity during mediation. Having better breathing practices also help in meditation.

The main goal of meditation is to bring you in a more relaxing state than before. This relaxation process is a great way to propagate good vibes throughout your day. By continually meditating, you will get to appreciate more the subtle beauties of lie and would have better focus on things. Mediation gives you a chance to reinvigorate your life by simply relaxing yourself.

A regular meditation regimen is a known stress reducer. You really should read up on the benefits of science based meditation.

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