How to Attain Self Realization

What self realization is will always remain a mystery because the mind cannot describe what is beyond the mind. But the teachings to learn how to attain self realization are quite simple and straight forward. Follow these steps and you will also enjoy deep states of meditation and may even attain self realization.

First and foremost, if you want to attain self realization it is most important to sit with a fully enlightened meditation master or guru. If you sit with such a Guru, you should feel their presence, their Shakti. (spiritual energy)

At some point when you attain self realization, you begin to radiate Shakti, otherwise known as shaktipat, kundalini Shakti, or grace. It is this Shakti that awakens you to self realization.

So just by sitting in the presence of someone who has fully reached self realization, you will begin to feel something happening inside you, meditation will happen on its own.

You might feel their presence as bliss, as love, as peace or as a very challenging force that begins to vibrate in different parts of your body.

There is another way to receive this Shakti which we will discuss later on in this article, but it is important to realize that meditation is a happening. It is this kundalini Shakti, this energy that actually awakens you to self realization. You do not make yourself enlightened, enlightenment will happen.

So, a large part of self realization is awakening this Shakti in you by sitting with an enlightened master and then allowing this Shakti to expand and move through all the all of the different energy channels of your body. You do not need to move it, it moves by itself. Shakti is consciousness itself, is enlightenment itself, it is the intelligence that knows how to awaken you to enlightenment.

So in addition to receiving Shakti from an enlightened master, you learn to feel the Shakti. Whether you feel it as bliss or a vibration or as a subtle energy current, you learn to keep your attention on it. You learn to allow this flow of energy to expand and move as it wants to move, unhindered.

And you do this by focusing on the sensations you feel in this moment. Not to define or describe the sensations, but to simply feel the sensations that you feel in this moment, the feeling of existing in this moment.

If it helps, you can focus on the feeling "I am." If you close your eyes, there is a sense that you exist in this moment, not as a thought, but as sensation. So if you focus on the feeling "I am" your awareness will be on consciousness, on the subtle energy that is radiating in this moment.

This is not something that can be understood with the mind, but the mind will acknowledge that there is something here that it cannot explain. It will acknowledge that there is this feeling of subtle energy that is expanding and moving in and around you. Or that there is this feeling of "I am," this feeling of being that is beyond the mind and body.

By keeping your attention on this energy, it expands and awakens you to self realization. You begin to experience yourself as this energy, beyond the body and mind radiating outwards in all directions.

The big catch is thinking. You are used to being caught up in your thinking. And you cannot be caught up in thinking and fully feel this subtle energy at the same time, they are two different perceptions. So it is important to allow thinking to happen as it does but do your best to keep your attention on the energy itself.

You will learn to passively let go of the thoughts as they arise while remaining immersed in the Shakti that is here. In this way, thinking can happen yet it will not affect your awareness.

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