How Does Meditation Work?

When I am asked, How does meditation work? I often have to ask a few questions myself before I can give a satisfactory answer. For instance, does the person mean how does meditation work for stress relief? Or how does meditation work at reducing blood pressure?, Or how does meditation work for someone seeking to discover their deepest nature?

Depending on why you are asking the question, "How does meditation work?" then you will get a different answer. Plus, the truth is, even though I have been meditating for over 25 years, often for long periods of time, there are people much more qualified than me to answer questions about meditation and stress relief, or meditation and blood pressure.

However, I am very qualified to explain to you, or at least attempt to explain to you, how meditation works for someone seeking to discover their deepest nature. This deepest nature, which is often called enlightenment, is a very real state of permanent existence and it can be discovered and known by you.

Many years ago, I was very interested in what I had read about enlightenment and I wanted to discover it for myself. I explored many meditation groups and I was almost invariably invited to meditate in a certain way and believe in a set of beliefs that would 'one day' lead to my personal enlightenment.

As I had already had enough of blindly believing in stuff, I wanted to talk to an enlightened person myself. Not only that, I wanted to know how I personally could discover enlightenment for myself. It was at this point that I was told that it was not possible, or, I was told of a 'version' of enlightenment that even I could see had its limitations. So I decided not to settle for living in hope, and I kept looking.

Eventually I came across a meditation teacher who encouraged me to believe in nothing, rather I was encouraged to find out for myself. He introduced me to other enlightened teachers and I was actively urged to ask as many questions as I liked. I was told that by using certain meditation techniques, that I would eventually discover Enlightenment. Not in the 'next life', but in this lifetime. So, I began following their advice, and in a short period of time I began to discover more about myself than I had discovered in the whole of my previous lifetime.

Eventually, years later, I discovered the state of enlightenment. Going back to your original question, "How does meditation work?" I can tell you this. Meditation works by you simply being as still as you can be, being as present as you can be - and by LETTING GO.

Now, what do I mean by LETTING GO? After all, you can be trapped in a prison and let go all you want, you are still trapped in a prison. So, this is where the special meditation techniques that I was introduced to, came in. You see, it is possible, for the very space that you exist in, to be greatly expanded. This is done by opening your Third Eye chakra. You then have a space to let go into, a space that you currently do not have. As you progressively LET GO into this 'new space', and as you access realms of creation, and beyond creation, that you are currently not aware of, you eventually LET GO completely. It is at this point that you realise for yourself, within yourself, the state of BEING that is called ENLIGHTENMENT. So you can see, asking the simple question, How does meditation work? was not such a simple question after all!

Francis Taylor has been teaching meditation all over the world. He believes that it is possible to find the light in this lifetime rather than only when you pass on.

Finding the light will allow you to live a more joyful life. Through meditation and being initiated you will expand and grow to new heights that you never dreamed possible.

It all starts with letting go, being still and observing. You can experience Francis Taylor's enjoyable guided mediation absolutely free of charge. Go to right now and receive your free meditation videos.

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