How do I learn Mindfulness?

Sunlit field with path

You've decided that you need less stress and more serenity in your life. But how do you learn the techniques of mindfulness? You may be the sort of person that can just find the space and time to relax, breathe correctly and become mindful. But for others, probably the majority, it is not so easy and they require some practical guidance to get started.

And the advice needs to be practical. Vague Zen-like statements are confusing when what you are really want is a set of simple steps to undertake. Some people don't even have a quiet space in their home where they can sit for 15 to 30 minutes and meditate. Many of us have busy lives and finding that time can be a real struggle.

We have found some books useful and others not so much (perhaps a little too Zen). One that we like is Mindfulness For Dummies (Book + CD) by Shamash Alidina. Like all the 'For Dummies' books it is written in clear language and broken down into sensible sections with practical, easy to follow steps and good lists of additional resources. We recommend it as a starting point and have put a link below for finding it on Amazon.