How Daily Meditation Gets You in the ‘Get Things Done’ Zone

Business people often think of meditation as simply a relaxation technique, kind of like listening to soothing music during a coffee break in order to clear your head. Studies however show that meditation can do a lot more than this for entrepreneurs. In fact, meditation can help you get more done in the workplace. Many top CEOs and salespeople practice it for this reason.

So how can daily meditation help you get in the 'get things done' zone?

  • Daily Meditation Increases Focus: In fact, daily meditation has one of the most beneficial effects of any kind of activity. Having a daily meditation regime allows you focus your mind. This is because the practice of meditation is actually a practice of mental discipline. Learning how to enter the meditative state-which is a state in which your mind is cleared of distractions-actually transfers over into the workplace, because it allows you to have the same mental discipline during work tasks.
  • Daily meditation is equivalent to a half nights sleep:If you work long hours and find yourself getting drowsy during the later stages, a twenty minute meditation session has been found to be as effective as a half night's sleep. The trance state of a good meditation session, it turns out, allows the mind to recharge and refocus. So next time you feel as if you are going to nod off at work, reach for your meditation mat rather than your coffee cup.
  • Daily meditation increases feelings of well-being: Meditation also has a series of beneficial emotional effects. If you work in a high stress, deadline or quota intensive work environment, there is little that will help you to keep those stresses in control more than having a daily meditation session. This is not simply because mediation, by definition, requires a peaceful state of mind. The practice of meditation also helps you to restore perspective and an understanding of your place within a larger system. This deeper understanding can help restore a feeling of balance and control.
  • Group Daily Mediation Helps Build Team Unity: One of the more surprising aspects of daily meditation is that, when done in groups, it can help increase team unity. Many Eastern businesses have long known this, and allotted a mid-day group meditation time in which entire divisions meditated together. They found that this helped to increase unit cohesion and instill a feeling mutuality among company members.

Regardless of whether you are going to be doing it as part of a group or alone, meditation is sure to help you on your path to success.

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