How and Why I Meditate

I love to joke around and tease people. I can find humor in all kinds of serious life situations. It has helped me get through some very tough times. Meditation also helps me tremendously. In my personal life, I tend to get caught up in going in too many directions. So much so that I am unable to focus on just one thing. Then I get frustrated, and I end up procrastinating about everything, and then nothing gets done. I feel lost.

Meditation helps connect me to my beliefs. Because when I meditate, I open my thoughts, my energy, and my love to a higher power. There are numerous ways to meditate. Here is how I do it.

I have to have quiet. So I usually will meditate only if I have the house to myself. But, if I really feel a need to, and my son, and or his friends are here, I will have to block out their noise. I have a high powered stand up fan, that creates enough of a blowing sound, it will muffle their noise. But it is a mellow enough sound that it doesn't bother me.

I like darkness, with one candle lit. I sit on the floor, stare at the flame from the candle, and try and quiet my thoughts. This can take awhile, as my thoughts are scattered and can flow fast, from one thing to the next. I just let them run.

When I finally feel calm, and peaceful, I go first to gratitude. I think of all the good in my life. My health, my kids, my family, etc. Next I will focus my thoughts on whatever problem I am currently stuck on. Sometimes this focus on a problem will start to make me feel anxious, and scattered again, so I know if I concentrate on breathing deeply, and only that... I will become calm again.

Now here is where I receive the benefits of meditation. I will mentally ask questions regarding the problem I am currently having. One at a time. I get answers. Answers I had never thought of before. They just appear in my mind. I just go with it, asking and receiving, until I feel solution, and peace.

Now you may think these answers I receive are my subconscious mind at work. But I choose to believe that it is coming from a higher source, a higher power. That is what I feel. That is the energy I feel. I truly believe that by asking you will receive. Not always what you want to hear, but always insightful, and maybe just what you need to hear.

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