Guided Meditation Mp3′s – How Are Binaural Beats Used in Meditation?

Are you interested in learning meditation fast? You probably already know about the nearly endless advantages of meditation. The objective of meditation is to unwind the brain, permit your mind to be at in complete state of peace and release yourself of all the things cluttering your thoughts.

If you're like a lot of meditation rookie, seeing progress in meditation can be difficult. Often times people are discouraged from this lack of development and give up early on, but it is vital that you keep practicing. Since all people's learning styles are different, you should be aware of your own learning style and try to meet its needs. For auditory learners, you may be interested to know about a particular meditation technology known as binaural "beats" or special auditory frequencies which can be used to put your mind in an Alpha brain state, also known as the state of relaxation. These binaural beats are utilized in guided meditation mp3's and can allow your experience with meditation to reach new levels.

Binaural beats aren't some sort of magic and they are not a fake technology, there is a real science behind exactly how they work and why. When you listen to binaural beats, there is an alignment of separate frequencies in your brain, thus easing your thoughts and body into an state of relaxation which opens your mind to a different kind of consciousness. The secret is to put on earphones, because this way the beats being played into each ear will induce the alignment of your brain waves. The way this works is that your brain will naturally synchronize itself to a frequency which is equal to the difference between each ear bud's rhythm. Since an Alpha brain state is between 8-12 hertz, listening to a binaural mp3 with a frequency of 110 hertz in one ear and 100 hertz in the other (a difference of 10 hertz) will induce an Alpha brain state at a frequency of 10 hertz. Personally, I would suggest using noise canceling headphones to ensure no outside sounds are interfering with the binaural beats. Therefore, if you were to attempt listening to binaural frequencies on regular speakers the frequencies will not be delivered to your brain correctly because your brain will not be able to differentiate which ear is receiving which frequency.

With binaural frequencies humming on your ears the frustration is taken out of meditating because you no longer have to get yourself "in the zone" by natural means.This way, you can focus on whatever you need to meditate on, rather than wasting all your energy trying to reach the point of meditation. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start meditating!

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